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Leadership and Self-Awareness Expert

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The business world has changed in ways that were inconceivable just weeks ago. Such change, and the uncertainty that goes with it, is only likely to accelerate in the coming months. This is a challenge for most leaders because the behaviors that helped them in the past, aren’t the same behaviors they will need to succeed in our new reality. Fortunately, reveals Dr. Tasha Eurich, the foundational skill of future-ready leadership is also highly learnable. Her research reveals that when leaders make the brave decision to improve their self-awareness, they become empowered to bust

through barriers, make smarter decisions, and engage and motivate their teams in times of crisis. Through her academic research on the inner workings of thousands of individuals and her career as an elite executive coach, Tasha provides data-backed advice for building and nurturing future-ready leadership (and passing those skills on to others). Participants will leave with several battle-tested tools to improve and a newfound confidence not just to survive, but thrive, in a constantly changing world.

Learning Objectives:

-Understand the two categories of self-awareness and how they influence our effectiveness and change agility.
-Uncover the many myths of self-awareness, and learn how to avoid the invisible roadblocks that get in the way.
-Recognize why power decreases self-awareness and learn a simple tool to get the feedback you need to succeed.
-Cultivate self-aware teams that succeed (and tell each other the truth) when crisis strikes.

In this virtual program, Tasha takes the audience through a science-based, interactive, and practical framework to immediately help them take action, to care for themselves and others during these unprecedented times—both at work and at home.

Learning Objectives:
-Understand the science of fear and uncertainty: what actually happens to our brains and bodies in situations like this—with the goal of naming and normalizing our reactions.
-Discover what self-care really is and why it helps us better serve our colleagues, families, friends, and communities.
-Practice self-compassion, gain an overview of the science behind it, and understand why it’s critically important during times of high stress
-Establish and honor your boundaries in an ever-changing newly-blended world.
-Identify and advocate for your needs.
Strengthen relationships, communication, and meet others’ needs in a time of unprecedented anxiety and uncertainty.

What does it take to turn potential customers into enthusiastic brand evangelists? While it’s common to focus on strategies like customer outreach, marketing campaigns, and social media, studies show that the secret to creating customers for life is recognizing and responding to their emotional needs.

And as it turns out, there is one skill that makes or breaks our ability to do so—the skill of self- awareness. Customer service professionals who know who they are and how they come across, for example, have been shown to perform twice as well as those who don’t.

Dr. Tasha Eurich is an expert in building self-awareness to support the customer experience— she helped one wireless telecommunications company improve their net promoter score by 12 points in just 12 months through her science-backed approach. Participants will discover that increasing their knowledge of who they are and how they’re seen will dramatically elevate their contributions.

Learning Objectives:

-Identify the three behaviors of self-aware leaders and the roadblocks that get in our way.
-Understand your values—not just what they are, but how to live them, and in so doing, create enthusiastic brand evangelists.
-Discover why most people don’t get the feedback they need, and a simple process to gather enlightening, actionable feedback from customers and employees.
-Utilize a few new tools to ensure trusting, compassionate interactions with customers.

Self-awareness is the foundational leadership skill of the 21st century. Leaders who know who they are, and how they’re seen by others, are more effective, confident, respected, and promotable. On average, research shows that women tend to be slightly more self-aware than men, yet they continue to be underrepresented in senior leadership roles. So when it comes to self- awareness, why aren’t women’s advantages translating into better gender equity? What lessons from the science of self-awareness might explain this persistent gap? And more importantly, what can women, and those who champion them, do to close it?

In this enlightening and inspiring program, audience members will learn how to overcome the often surprising self-awareness challenges women face, discover how to harness their unique power, and acquire several tools to help them succeed, advance, and thrive as leaders.

Learning Objectives:

-Discover why a lack of confidence is rarely the problem for women, and the real issue that causes them to underestimate their contributions.
-Recognize and communicate their unique value proposition and defining strengths.
-Self-reflect in a productive and empowering way, while avoiding self-doubt and self-criticism.
-Understand why women often don’t get good feedback and how to identify your loving critics.
-Utilize a technique, even the most senior leaders can use, to learn how they’re seen, while deepening their relationships at the same time.


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