Terry Jones “Elevator Pitch” on Innovation

Posted by Alexis Washington

For years, Terry Jones has used his innovative mind to stay ahead in this rapidly changing world, and is best known for founding In addition, he shares his insights on innovation, leadership, and customer relationships with audiences everywhere in an effort to inspire them with useful ideas and actions they can implement within their own companies.


While visiting Eagles Talent, Jones shared his “Elevator Pitch” where he highlighted helpful tips he shares with company leaders.


Jones offers reassurance to company leaders in any industry who may feel as though they are lacking the resources to innovate. He also reminds them that sharing their innovation is simple. You don’t necessarily need to change the world, he explains, sometimes one small change can have the largest effect.


“You don’t have to take huge risks!”

Jones uses his personal experience of being Chief Information Officer at American Airlines for 24 years to further explain his approach. While at American Airlines, he felt like he knew enough about technology to make a change and, more importantly, take a risk. By transferring travel booking options to the internet, Jones created a revolutionary product and promoted a culture of experimentation within the company. Jones’ risk-taking payed off, as travel is now the largest part of online commerce.



“As a leader, your wake is larger than you imagine.”

What a leader says and does can have numerous effects on a company, so it’s important to advertise the right messages to your employees. Jones explains that it’s important for leaders to adopt this mentality and promote a work environment that supports, amplifies, and endorses. Again, these are simple steps to implement in the work place. Jones also advises business leaders to promote a creative culture that encourages people in the company to use “and” rather than “but,” because it adds to the supportive and encouraging environment.



“It’s okay to fail.”

The limitation of most companies today lies in the fact that they have yet to fail, meaning they aren’t taking the necessary strides to succeed. If you are a company leader, feeling the heat of disruption in your industry, Jones encourages you to ask yourself, “Would my company approve the idea that founded my company?” Remember, whoever founded your company was a risk-taker, and surely you can be too.

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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