Tim Clue

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Funny Business, Custom Corporate Comedy

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Tim Clue – Unconventional Host
Tim Clue – Humorous Motivational Speaker
Tim Clue – The Unlikely Teacher

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This is Tim’s specialty.You choose the messages you want highlighted and driven home and Tim will seamlessly integrate them into his presentation. Bone-crushingly funny, dynamic, squeaky clean, and adept at finding the pulse of your company and splicing it with his unique brand of high energy interactive humor, Tim will make your event stand up and stand out.

Tim combines his skill as a professional comedian, writer, improviser, teacher and motivator to create a one-of-a-kind experience that touches on key communication issues in the workplace today: technology, social media, organizational pain-points, and how to find space and save time when space and time don’t appear to exist anymore. Tim’s presentation reflects the velocity, energy and reality of our fast-paced technological era. Unpredictable, collaborative, lively, and – most of all – unforgettable.

The “meaningless meeting” is contributing to the stagnation of America’s productivity! But Tim Clue has the solution. Tim believes that meetings should be thought of as a company’s delicate circulatory system and that utilizing the straightforward tips in this highly interactive session will recharge the best meeting practices, bringing down your collective conference room cholesterol count. Tim offers up elegantly simple take-a-ways that will help your people create and lead more potent and efficient gatherings.

Long-time instructor, writer and stand-up comedian Tim Clue is the ultimate Unlikely Teacher. Challenged by dyslexia and ADD, Tim remembers fondly and appreciatively the teachers of his youth and draws upon the lessons of his time in their classrooms, as well as from his own decade of teaching speech at one of the best community colleges in the country, the College of DuPage.

Struggling for years to find just the right synergy between laughter and motivation, Tim Clue has developed a dynamic compound that stands alone; compelling, unique, interactive and fun. Discovering his greatest inspirations from a collection of worst practices and fabulous failures, Tim has mastered how to build up the collective energy by breaking through clichés and jump-starting key issues while creating big laughs and indelible messages. This highly engaging experience will open new channels of connection, increase the rate of familiarity, and set up important conversations. Tim turns “nice” events into unforgettable experiences.


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“Tim Clue did a comedy session to break up the day long meeting for Haywood. He was excellent. Highly recommend him. Thank you.”

— Haywood Pool Supplies
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