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A New Philosophy of Excellence

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Tom Morris- Motivational Speaker

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We all need ideas we can trust—ideas that have stood the test of time and can help us achieve success in even the most demanding situations. Tom Morris has an unprecedented ability to bring together the wisdom of the ages in a form that people can use right now. This talk presents a simple, powerful and complete framework of seven universal conditions for deeply satisfying, sustainable excellence in all that we do.

When you take good care of your people, your people take good care of your customers, and your customers take good care of you. The key to it all is a winning culture. So: What creates a great organizational culture? What guides and motivates us to bring our best to every challenge and work powerfully with others every day? Tom Morris shows that the answers to these questions are simple, profound, and transformational.

Over many centuries of the human adventure, the quest of the alchemist was to take something ordinary and create out of it something truly extraordinary. There is nothing in our time more ordinary now than the rapid pace of tumultuous change that we increasingly face in so many ways.

Difficult change comes our way on a regular basis these days. And we have an old saying about how to deal with it: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.” For decades, people have said this, but no one explains how to do it. The great philosophers did. In this highly entertaining and engaging talk, Tom Morris will equip you and all your associates to be expert lemonade makers! Some clients have themed their entire meeting around this topic and have served great lemonade during the break!

There are conditions in which creativity flourishes, and alternative situations in which it’s almost impossible and disappears. The culture of your company makes all the difference as to whether you will be a hotbed of innovation, or a place where anxiety, habit, and inertia rule. Tom Morris draws on the wisdom of the ages in a way that only he can do, to provide you with a simple map to a powerfully innovative culture.

What were his secrets? How can we learn from one of the most unlikely and expansive success stories ever? Philosopher Tom Morris digs deep into the myth, mess, and magic of Steve Jobs and provides, in 45 minutes, or 60, a revolutionary, practical look at what we can adapt from the strange, charismatic, and compelling character who basically invented the connected life we all now live. Starting in his parents’ garage, Jobs built, in his lifetime, the world’s most valuable company. How did he do it? And what can we all do to emulate the best of his practices? Using great humor, memorable stories, and a level of passionate energy that carries on the legacy of Jobs himself, Tom will mesmerize your group and provide the highlight of your meeting.


“You were a BIG HIT! I can’t thank you enough for your energy, the time you took to make sure your message was on topic for our client’s needs and most importantly, the generosity of spirit with which you delivered it all. We will certainly look forward to another opportunity to recommend you to others.”

— EPIC Productions

“Absolutely amazing – a home run! The energy he displayed was phenomenal. He was able to conclude closing session with a positive, humorous, but serious conversation that left everyone in a good spot. Many in the room approached me and said at first they were a little skeptical, but were pleasantly surprised. A few stayed behind to speak with him personally and have his email for personal correspondence. Thank you for the recommendation, I would use him again and strongly recommend Tom!”

— GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

“Tom, I want to thank you again for the fine talk you gave at our global leadership conference. Your command of the material, insights, humor and intellect were the talk of the meeting and awards banquet.”

— Prometric
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