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A New Philosophy of Excellence

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Tom Morris- Motivational Speaker
True Success

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This has been the Number One requested talk since March 2020. How can we move forward productively and flourish in the midst of massive, disruptive change? What’s the best way to view the uncertainty we face? How can we lead well through tumultuous events? Harnessing the old adage, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade,” Tom brings you the best wisdom on how to do this even with mountains of lemons. Based on his new book Plato’s Lemonade Stand, Tom’s presentation helps those facing uncertainty and challenge stir these times of change into something great. Full of powerful images and memorable stories, this engaging presentation of ideas shows that beyond resilience and grit, there is a transformational art we all can use.

What does it take for new levels of success in the face of challenge? From thirty years of research across global wisdom traditions and modern business success, Tom has identified seven universal conditions for deeply satisfying, sustainable excellence. His now-famous “7 Cs of Success” have fueled extraordinary results in personal and professional success across industries around the world. Never have these ideas been more important than today. In a high-energy and entertaining session, Tom will reveal the most fundamental tools for personal, team, and institutional greatness and provide a practical guide for their use every day. This talk leaves people with a new, well-grounded enthusiasm and a determination to use the wisdom they’ve been given. Its ideas are based on his very popular books True Success and The Art of Achievement.

What makes for great teams and partnerships during challenging times? Tom has combed through the world’s great literature, philosophy, psychology, and social science to discover the most powerful and simple tools for doing great work together. There are four ideal values that when respected, nurtured, and applied well in our work make for great fulfillment and true excellence. This presentation lays out a powerful framework for making the most of your energies and efforts with other people, whether inside your organization or with others you serve. This talk is based on Tom’s classic and internationally bestselling leadership book, If Aristotle Ran General Motors.


“You were a BIG HIT! I can’t thank you enough for your energy, the time you took to make sure your message was on topic for our client’s needs and most importantly, the generosity of spirit with which you delivered it all. We will certainly look forward to another opportunity to recommend you to others.”

— EPIC Productions

“Absolutely amazing – a home run! The energy he displayed was phenomenal. He was able to conclude closing session with a positive, humorous, but serious conversation that left everyone in a good spot. Many in the room approached me and said at first they were a little skeptical, but were pleasantly surprised. A few stayed behind to speak with him personally and have his email for personal correspondence. Thank you for the recommendation, I would use him again and strongly recommend Tom!”

— GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals

“Tom, I want to thank you again for the fine talk you gave at our global leadership conference. Your command of the material, insights, humor and intellect were the talk of the meeting and awards banquet.”

— Prometric

“Tom Morris presented to my team of 26 Commercial Bankers in May of this year. During a time of high stress, confusion, and panic, Tom provided comfort, guidance, helpful insight for our reality, and whimsically brought us great tools for my team to put to use to overcome the current difficulties and reach success, rather than crater to the pain. I recommend him highly!”

— EVP, President - Western Division, TBK Bank

“Tom! That was so, so, SO amazing! Thank you. My soul is full of gratitude (and my notebook is full of wisdom!). I can’t wait to watch that again and again and AGAIN! Truly an astonishing session – your radiance and energy is absolutely magnetic. What a gift for us all.”

— Vice President, Impact + Culture, Optimize Enterprises

“The webinar Tom Morris delivered for over 50 Michigan bankers recently on how to deal with disruptive change was full of relevant insights. Tom’s wit, passion and energy made this a memorable and valuable program for all. I would highly recommend him for any virtual sessions!”

— Michigan Bankers Association

“Tom Morris was a big hit! He brought the wisdom of the ages to my Notre Dame master’s class for young business leaders in the US and China (using Zoom) with powerful insights and practical advice. Whatever the topic and timely challenge, Tom breaks through age and cultural issues to deliver memorable teaching points that have stood the test of time. Using interesting stories, simple metaphors and teaching models, and wonderful humor, his sessions are memorable and fun. Many of my students intend to add Tom’s books to their leadership and personal growth library, and I find myself reading and rereading his books to help navigate this time of disruption and uncertainty!”

— former CEO, Beacon Healthcare
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