What Top Political Analysts Are Talking About Today

Posted by Alexis Washington

Today marks the swearing in of the 116th Congress — one of the most diverse classes in the history of the House of Representatives. In honor of this special and historical day, we’re highlighting five speakers who are well-versed in politics and the issues they are passionate about.


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As a Fox News analyst, Nina Easton has been providing commentary on U.S. politics, foreign affairs and the economy for over a decade. One topic she often speaks about in her keynote presentations is populism and how it can be a challenge for both politicians and everyday people.


In confusing and sometimes daunting political times, Nina has made it her mission to clear up some of the turmoil that came as a result of a divided nation. She takes her audience beyond headlines and political views to show them the economic trends that are driving the division of politics. She also explores main contributors to the “paralysis of populism” that she describes as prevalent in U.S. politics, such as job trends, education levels and globalization.


Other topics: Economics

Growing Immigration Concerns


Dedicated to educating others on politics, government and financial issues, Michael Barone has authored many books and spoken with various audiences on a wide range of political topics.


One issue Michael is particularly passionate about is immigration. Viewing the experience of Hispanic immigrants as similar to the experience of other groups who have immigrated to the United States, Barone draws parallels and speaks with audiences about immigrants assimilating and become more Americanized.


In addition, he looks back on the history of American politics, discusses how it has evolved since its early days and looks forward on what the future holds in regard to the political climate of the country.


Other topics: Media Personalities, Commentators/Pundits

Equal Opportunity


As the chairman for the Center of Equal Opportunity, Linda Chavez advocates for the equal treatment of all individuals regardless of gender, race or any other factors that may be used to discriminate against them.


Linda is passionate about debunking the stereotypes that roam in the minds of all people, regardless of their political affiliation. Not only has she expressed her passion for equal opportunity on the stage when speaking to audiences, but she also shows her advocacy in the political field.


Throughout her career, Linda has been appointed to many roles in which she has been able to continue to advocate for equal opportunity. In 1992, for example, the United Nations’ Human Rights Commission elected her to serve a four-year term as U.S. Expert to the U.N. Sub-Commission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities.


Other topics: Diversity and Inclusion

Policy Issues

Gloria Borger is currently the chief political correspondent for CNN. She is dedicated to helping audiences understand the ins and outs of politics — a topic that can be confusing for many. She educates audiences on what is going on in Congress as well as how political decisions can directly affect them in their everyday lives.


With a background in journalism, Gloria goes in depth when explaining the political landscape of today as well as the issues that are currently being faced. She provides audiences with an insider’s view of Washington as she explains exactly why and how Washington works.


Other topics: Media Personalities, Politics

The Importance of Communication


Anyone working in the political field knows that communication is an essential part of the job. Emmy award-winning broadcaster Steve Adubato focuses on the importance of effective communication and offers seminars that provide attendees with the tools and tips they need in order to become powerful and persuasive communicators.


Being a good communicator does not simply mean being articulate and speaking well in front of large audiences. For Steve, effective communication is about speaking from the heart and really getting your message across — it’s about making a connection with your audience.


Steve also emphasizes the importance of using communication to lead change. Providing attendees with leadership tips and tools, Steve teaches others not only to accept change, but also to embrace and drive change.


Other topics: Team Building, Communication Skills, Leadership

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Posted by Alexis Washington
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