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Sports Broadcaster, Podcaster, Filmmaker, Author, Speaker and Moderator

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  • Yogi is currently hosting THE IT FACTORY on the Pac-12 Network and every podcast platform.
  • Yogi has spoken on the world stage at TEDx & around the globe alongside brands such as Nike, World Surf League, Capital One, Dignity Health, PMK*BNC, IMG College & various universities. He consistently moderates conversations with some of the most powerful names in sports.
  • Yogi has directed, produced & starred in over 20 films around the globe in theatres, on television & digital platforms.


Yogi Roth is a dynamic and accomplished keynote speaker, emcee, and storyteller with over 20 years of experience in the sports industry. As a former Pitt wide receiver and USC coach, as well as an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and best-selling author, Yogi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his speaking engagements. He has spoken for top brands like Nike, World Surf League, and Capital One, and has delivered talks at the prestigious SXSW Festival. For over a decade, Yogi has been captivating audiences around the world with his unique insights and inspiring messages. He has delivered powerful keynote speeches at events hosted by numerous universities and corporations, and has graced the stage at world-renowned events like TEDx. Yogi’s passion for empowering the next generation of dreamers has led him to mentor football programs and athletic departments at USC, the University of Washington, San Jose State, and the Gonzaga basketball team. He is also an executive producer of the ProtectHer project, which aims to end sexual violence on college campuses, and has spoken internationally in Israel and at an all-women’s school in Rwanda.
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Chase What Matters™

As a storyteller, Yogi Roth understands it’s clear that in any great story the main character eventually loses their way. Think about the show you love right now or the latest movie you watched. There is a point in the story where the character feels lost and the same can happen with us. Some of us may even be lost right now. You may not be living a great or IDEAL story with your life at this moment and that’s OK. It’s normal. In his career, Yogi has traveled to over 30 countries in pursuit of great stories from elite performers to high level leaders. He’s broadcasted major college football for 17 years seeking and uncovering the humanity within the sport and in every conversation, from East Africa to Easter Island to Pullman, WA it came down to whether or not the leaders, the coaches, the people, and the teams were Chasing What Matters. What does it all come down to? The best leaders, the most competitive and successful cultures, the best in class, build their clarity, confidence, and discipline to consistently CHASE WHAT MATTERS. When your organization is aligned with what matters most, you will experience teamwork, engagement, and collaboration at a winning level. Yogi Roth will reignite your passion and purpose in this transformational keynote.

What’s Your Story?

In life, and specifically life on social media, we are often told who we are by other voices, tweets & many who do not know the essence underneath our ‘uniform.’ Once we get to know our ’story’ we can represent ourselves in our purest form and use various platforms to share who we are and what we want our impact on the world to be. Yogi Roth, who has worked in college football for over 20 years and won various storytelling awards, will guide you toward finding the starting point in your story and putting it together to support your dreams. 

Always Compete

The word ‘compete’ is often described as “striving against” an opponent but the Latin root of the word means to “strive together.” Where did we go wrong? How do we view our competitive world and our competitive story?

Yogi Roth learned from one of the world’s elite competitors, Pete Carroll, and with that foundation has helped countless companies, universities and high performing individuals explore their potential and maximize it in their competitive culture.

Yogi Roth Reviews

“Yogi’s positive energy is evident the second he walks into a room. He fully engages an audience in his stories, in the questions he asks, and in the on-the-spot coaching he provides. He is a key part of one of our ongoing programs, and we get consistently positive feedback every time he works with us. Because he genuinely cares about helping people see their place in the world differently, I look for opportunities to bring him in as a speaker. Yogi is one of the most dynamic people I know.”

— Dignity Health

Yogi Roth is a force of nature. Every time I sit with him by the end of the conversation I am ready to jump out of my seat and attack life. He is so special I insisted he address my company. I never looked so smart in front of my organization as I did after Yogi’s presentation!”

— Chairman & CEO PMK*BNC

I’ve met a lot of interesting folks in 15 years of covering college sports. Yogi Roth is right near the top of that list. He is without a doubt the most optimistic, relentlessly positive person I’ve ever met. He’s got the spirit to try anything and, in an uncanny, um, Yogi Roth-way, he usually makes it happen. He also has been blessed with the capacity to fit so effortlessly into any situation or group. Reading his story provided a great window into how he got to have such a unique view of the world.”

— Award-winning College Football Writer & Reporter, FOX Sports

“I’m not afraid to admit it, I cried when I talked to Yogi. I wasn’t really expecting to, but I guess he touched a nerve…It’s a film about fathers and sons, how we connect and how we sometimes don’t…If you haven’t alreay done so today, take a walk…Connect with loved ones. Call your dad. Seriously, call him.”


“The only thing I value more than Yogi’s energy and enthusiasm towards football is our friendship. He once asked me, ‘Mark–who are you?’ At first I thought it was rhetorical, but then he demanded an answer! That moment taught me a lot about myself. He was always there for me from red zone blitzes to life advice and for that, I am eternally grateful.”


For the past four years, Yogi Roth has been a guest lecturer for a master’s course I teach at UCLA on Coaching and Leadership. The experiences and lessons he shares of his time spent growing up with his father, as a student-athlete at USC and later as a Coach are priceless practical illustrations of how to craft a masterful life by having a clear vision and bringing passion, industriousness and value to everything you do. Yogi not only speaks to the values and virtues which are the key ingredients to designing a masterful life, he also exudes these virtues from the moment he enters the room. His enthusiasm for the content and his ability to connect with his audience is on par with all great orators and leaders.



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