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John Nosta

Leading the charge for digital health innovation
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The Digital Health Revolution
How technology will extend and expand our lives.
We are on the cusp of a revolution. A revolution driven by radical technology-driven transparency. As thrilling as the baby steps of digital activity trackers have been, what is yet to come will change everything about health. For everyone.

Warning: Your heart rate will be elevated!

From Control to Collaboration
The shifting roles the physician, patient, caregiver in today’s complex healthcare environment.

Where does the physician fit In a world where the customer has all of their health information at their fingertips, where Facebook friends diagnose digitally and we all wear devices designed to holistically monitor our health?

Genius is our Birthright
And Mediocrity is Self-imposed
A unique and innovative perspective on genius and how we all have our “genius moments” just fail to recognize them - or capitalise on them. Businesses routinely fail to recognise the genius in their midst, leading to lost opportunities, lost customers and lost sales.

How can your business compete when it’s being “out geniused” by your rivals?


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The Founder of NostaLab and a member of the Google Health Advisory Board, John Nosta is a unique combination of strategic thinker, marketer and entrepreneur. His career was built on the “science of advertising” combining strategy, creativity and marketing for industry-leading results. Combined with his ability to communicate complicated scientific concepts in a way that consumers and scientists alike can appreciate, John is a sought-after speaker for conferences on the forefront of healthcare science, marketing innovation and future tech.

John’s background in both science and marketing is the bedrock of his appeal. As a research assistant at Harvard Medical School and a co-author of several papers on cardiovascular physiology his science background is unassailable. His previous roles as Chief Creative Officer and Chief Strategic Officer at Ogilvy CommonHealth and as a writer for Forbes’ HEALTH CRITICAL cement his standing as a leading thinker in disruptive health innovation.

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