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NEXT GENERATION ENGAGEMENT: Proven Strategies And Work Culture That Attract Millennial Talent

70% of Millennials across the globe might reject traditional business to work independently.

A war on talent has begun as 80 million Millennials continue to pour into the workplace. Organizations must battle competitors and the entrepreneurial ambition of Millennials to attract today's top talent.

NEXT GENERATION RETENTION: 5 Aspects That Instill Loyalty In A Millennial Workforce

91% of Millennials expect to stay in a job less than 3 years.

For the first time in history there are 4 generations in the workplace, each with a varying perspective of work. Due to technology and a challenging economy, Millennials have developed a unique view of career and success at work. Creating Millennial loyalty will help organizations avoid the average price tag of $25,000 that it costs to replace a single Millennial employee.

NEXT GENERATION MOTIVATION: 6 Aspects that Motivate Millennials at Work

50% of Millennials believe their organization could do more to develop future leaders.

Where there are unmotivated Millennial employees you will find uninspired leaders who lead teams of anxious, job-hop-in-a-heartbeat Millennials. For the organizations eager to spark change and energy into their organizations there are specific Millennial motivators that can be leveraged to ignite Millennial hustle and extend Millennial retention.

NEXT GENERATION MARKETING: Successfully Positioning a Brand or Service with the Millennial Buyer

By 2018, Millennials will have the most spending power of any generation at $3.39 trillion per year.

Millennials grew up in a culture of perpetual Beta where they developed a natural knack for adaptability and an immunity to change. Now, it has become crucial that every brand and leader adapt to today's high-tech, uber-social, and multi-generational marketplace in order to thrive tomorrow. Change is inevitable but developing a brand that connects with the emerging generations must be intentional.

NEXT GENERATION COLLABORATION: 4 Keys To Engaging A Multi-Generational Workforce

52% of workers say they're least likely to get along with someone from another generation.

The rise of technology and Internet access have forced massive change in the workplace. But perhaps it's the Millennial worker that has caused the most tension in the workplace. The generational divide at work has never been deeper and more daunting than it is today. In order to thrive tomorrow, organizations must leverage the unique strengths and experiences of each generation and create a workforce that collaborates seamlessly across generations.

GENERATION Z: Recruit, Lead and Sell to Today's Youngest Generation

77% of Generation Z believe they'll need to work harder than older generations to have a fulfilling professional life.

If the current struggle of understanding and engaging the Millennial generation wasn't difficult enough, the most tech-savvy, connected, and entrepreneurial generation to date will add yet another level of complexity. As the remaining Millennials make their debut into the workforce, there will be even more tension integrating the up-and-coming, post-Millennial generation.
Meet Generation Z. Today's youngest generation. The first generation who will spend their entire life in a world where earth's accumulated knowledge can be accessed in an instant with a touch of a finger.
Generation Z equipped with their own strengths, weaknesses, perspectives, needs, and wants have begun making their presence known. Generation Z may be the most socially savvy group marketers will ever meet, the most diverse employers ever hire, and the most self-educated educators ever teach.
Much like the Millennials, whose sheer size and early tech adoption was a catalyst for many consumer and workplace shifts, Generation Z will have similar disruptive tendencies growing up enabled and empowered by a tech-heavy and digital world.
Change is inevitable but understanding and engaging of Generation Z must be intentional. Your organization's future vitality depends on it.


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Ryan Jenkins is an internationally recognized Millennial keynote speaker and author. He helps organizations gain clarity around Millennials and Generation Z so that they can effectively lead, engage, communicate, and brand in today’s multi-generational marketplace.

Ryan runs a blog and podcast at www.NextGenerationCatalyst.com where he inspires audiences with practical next generation workplace, leadership, communication, and branding advice.

Ryan is a columnist at Inc.com and his top-ranked generational insights have been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, and Mashable. He has also shared the stage with fellow thought leaders from iconic brands like Apple, Facebook, and Uber.

When Ryan is not speaking and writing, you can find him sampling craft beers from around the U.S. or religiously cheering on the Denver Broncos with his wife, daughter, and yellow labrador from their home in Atlanta, GA.

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