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#1 bestselling author of The Like Economy, LinkedIn for Business, Facebook Marketing, and The Cowbell Principle

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Brian Carter

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This high-energy, entertaining, motivational sales program is based on an in-depth, ongoing 8-year study of 1000’s of top performing salespeople in 18 industries who successfully drive revenue, new business and profits, regardless of their size, budget or training. Via candid interviews and direct work with these companies, plus Brian’s own up-to-the-minute sales experience, Brian has discovered the many successful strategies they use to prospect and sell more. This session looks at those secrets and gives you new ideas and processes for creating your own sales success.

In this motivating and entertaining talk (great for sales kickoffs!), salespeople will learn:

  • Fortune 500 Sales strategies that work for salespeople at organizations of any size.
  • The latest prospecting strategies, techniques and tools.
  • Case studies on what really works for today’s salespeople.
  • The importance of leadership, trust and likability in Sales, and how to quickly boost all three.
  • Strategies for Field Sales and Inside Sales.
  • Where to go to stay up-to-date on Sales trends and insights.
  • How to find insightful info about your prospects before you speak to them.
  • New ways to listen and adjust to changing customers and connect more strongly with them.
  • The tools, technologies and processes top salespeople are using to capitalize on change and build a better future.
  • In this fascinating and timely program which can be customized to focus on or include topics like sales, marketing, disruption, generations, change management and customer experience, attendees learn how to overcome disruptive obstacles, technologies and people. Brian reviews the technology, social and economics trends that have changed business and how top performers are growing and succeeding today.

    You’ll learn:

  • What’s different about what customers and employees want today.
  • Why the key to surviving and thriving is making sure customers are thrilled
  • The role innovation plays in how business is changing.
  • The tools, technologies and processes top companies and employees are using to capitalize on change and build a better future.
  • Where to go to find and stay up to date on trends and insights about how to make the customers and employees of today and tomorrow happy.
  • Do you have the organizational culture and the recruiting campaigns you need to get you the employees and talent you want? Many companies feel they have great cultures, but they may not be doing everything they could with social media or marketing to attract the workforce they need. If you have a job fair, online posting or public application process, do enough people know it exists? This customized hands-on session will give your people the specific tools to get the right candidates for the job!

    In this keynote, which can be customized to include management and leadership, generations, teamwork, innovation and branding and marketing, and change management, attendees will learn things like:

  • How to take more action, reach great candidates and convince them to take a look at working with your company
  • How to get your target candidates to see your company as a bigger opportunity for them
  • Showing candidates exactly why your culture is a great fit for them.
  • Reaching the right people and convincing them that your organization is the kind of place that they’d like to be.
  • The role that culture, teamwork and management play in attracting and retaining your ideal workforce.
  • Generational differences have only become more important as new people come into the marketplace and workforce, and power and money shift hands. Not all people in a generation are the same, but research shows there are broad trends and patterns that can help you get better results.

    In this enlightening and motivating generational talk, which can include or focus on topics like management and leadership, innovation, teamwork, sales and marketing, and change management, attendees learn things like:

  • The most effective ways to attract, manage, retain, market and sell to each generation.
  • Each generation’s special strengths and skills.
  • How to bring generations together to create unbeatably strong and productive teams inside your company.
  • How to attract and retain more young people and screen for the ones with the greatest potential.
  • How to make sure everyone feels valuable and included, and your organization creates a win-win with everyone.
  • This high-energy, entertaining, motivational social media program is based on an in-depth 7-year study of 100’s of top performing companies in 18 industries who used social media to successfully drive key organizational achievements- regardless of their size, budget or training. Through candid interviews, and direct work with these companies, Brian created and learn specific strategies and tactics that ensure success. This session looks at those best practices and teaches you a proven process to create your own success.

    In this keynote, which can focus on or include sales, marketing, customer experience, customer service, innovation, generations and change management, attendees will learn things like:

  • How to reach the right people- anyone, of any age- with social media.
  • How to become #1 in your category or local market no matter what!
  • The big change in business that now makes it possible even for new companies dominate their industries.
  • How to avoid the most common time-wasters and dead-ends.
  • Where to invest your time and money, both now and in the future.
  • A Fortune 500 social strategy that can make any-sized company more money.
  • The most important social platforms and strategies… And time-wasters to avoid. When and how to use social advertising.
  • Why a strategy that made Warren Buffet rich can boost your revenues 10x.
  • Today’s biggest business obstacle and how to solve it.
  • The social networks and tools top performers use to get the biggest results.
  • What the fastest growing organizations do that drives 10x more results than other social strategies (many of which are risky, unproven investments).
  • How have Sales, prospecting and closing changed? One key trend is that prospecting and sales relationships are now happening online. Prospects sleep with their smartphones, search online more and wait longer to talk to salespeople than ever before. How can salespeople accelerate contact and shorten sales cycles? Brian reveals case studies and tips for what really works and a variety of options for salespeople with different skill levels, time and staff- plus what works for those who are super-busy and doing it all themselves!

    In this fun and engaging talk, attendees will learn:

  • How to create and maintain relationships with prospects using only your smartphone.
  • Fortune 500 social strategies that work for salespeople at organizations of any size.
  • Case studies on what really works in social media for real salespeople- with options for any amount of time and support.
  • What social networks are best for modern salespeople? The answers may surprise you.
  • The importance of trust and likability, and how to quickly and easily boost them.
  • Social and mobile strategies for both field sales and inside sales.
  • Case studies on what really works in social media- with options for any amount of time and support.
  • Are there successful salespeople who blog? Who advertise? Yep! Find out why it’s worth it for some salespeople and how to make it easy.
  • Why the Internet is your prospecting best friend
  • How the info you can find in social media keeps you from walking into sales situations blind, reveals great conversation starters and instantly makes people feel like they already know and like you.
  • U.S. Companies as a whole are losing $62 billion a year due to poor customer service. 42% of companies invest in customer experience because it improves customer retention. So how are the top customer service organizations doing it?

    In a business world saturated with too much data and quickly changing technologies, top brands base customer experience strategies on research, not guessing.

    Fortune 50 brands hire teams of Harvard MBA’s and Data Analysts to investigate customers, markets and customer experience. Everything is filled with data: stores, websites, call centers and CRM’s on salespeople smartphones. The learnings and discoveries from all this data are changing how customer service reps work. It’s making customers and employees happier.

    This high-energy, entertaining, motivational social media program is based on 10 years of data and 100’s of case studies. In this fascinating, entertaining and practical program, attendees will learn…

    Program Highlights:

  • Which customer service strategy helps companies retain 89% of their customers?
  • At what customer service pain point do 90% of customers say most companies are failing at?
  • How do top customer experience companies collect info on their customer service approaches and create insights what to do better?
  • How do top companies get the best data on consumer behavior, interests and desires?
  • If your company makes me mad, I might tweet about it! Customer service doesn’t just happen on the phone anymore. How do you tie together customer service via websites, call centers, social media and everything else in a seamless way that feels quick and satisfying to customers? Do you have a plan to combine human care with your bots?
  • Brian helps you envision and navigate a tech-empowered future full of enthusiastic, delighted and loyal customers, driving up your profits and lowering your costs.
  • Who’s top of mind when customers are ready for what you offer? You …or your competitors?

    We are now living in The Attention Economy. Customer attention is rare, fickle and valuable. Research has proven we can only pay attention to on one thing at a time, and you can’t influence someone who isn’t pay attention to you. That means you have more competition than you may think. In fact, you’re competing with EVERYONE for attention: the news, sports, commercials… even Game of Thrones. So, if your marketing isn’t as interesting as the the NFL or Game of Thrones, all of your potential customers may ignore you. If you’re boring, you’re invisible. If you don’t stand out, you don’t stand a chance. What are you doing to become more interesting?

    This high-energy, entertaining, motivational social media program is based on case studies of companies who used the latest social media tools and consumer data to better target and attract customers. They use cutting-edge attention-grabbing strategies and tactics to successfully drive new business, more revenue and bigger profits… regardless of their company’s size, budget or expertise. With these methods, PayPal boosted video views by 300%, Carl’s Jr. & Hardee’s made mouths water with bacon, DirectBuy discovered that ugly furniture sells, and a chiropractor earned $10 for every dollar he spent online. Based on Brian’s forthcoming book Zombies, Babies & Bacon, this session looks at their best practices and teaches a simple three-step process anyone can use to maximize their results.

    Program Highlights

  • Why boring companies have trouble staying afloat in the digital age, and how you can stand out.
  • Common social media myths that kill customer response.
  • How to excite customer brains and stir emotions into sales… while your competitors bore customers to death and themselves into bankruptcy.
  • How to identify your most passionate potential customer segments and what makes them go. How be sure which social network is most popular with your ideal customer.
  • The difference between what everyone wants- and what your best customer wants.
  • How to reach your entire target customer audience and become their preferred solution.
  • The best, easiest and even some free social tools for bigger marketing results
  • Maximizing customer engagement, sales and loyalty by tuning into their passions.
  • How to win hearts and minds- and turn that into sales and profits.
  • Today, traditional marketing is not the only way to reach people. So, how can you take advantage of digital marketing, social media, influencers and bloggers? How do decision makers successfully navigate all of the opportunities available online? What works and what’s just a waste of time? What do you say yay or nay to? And who does all this work… contractors, employees, agencies, or some combination of all the above?

    In this entertaining keynote, bestselling author and digital agency CEO Brian Carter shares answers and insights that help executives and managers make smart decisions for the future. Based on hands-on experience and an in depth 8 year study of hundreds of top companies that used the Internet to drive revenue and profits in dozens of industries, Brian shares:

    Program Highlights:

  • Digital opportunities that increase leads, sales and distribution.
  • E-commerce strategies that increase performance on retail websites and
  • Proven strategies with Google, social media, blogging and influencers… compared to overhyped fads that just don’t deliver.
  • How to accurately target anyone with social media.
  • Why the fastest growing organizations drive 10x more website traffic and sales than their competitors.
  • A Fortune 500 social media strategy that boosts any company’s revenues.
  • Why many companies fail at viral marketing and how top performers use digital marketing to create and sustain long-term growth.
  • With 19 years of hands-on digital marketing experience and a background in improv and stand-up comedy, Brian delivers motivation, humor and practical takeaways ensuring every audience member leaves with the answers, insights and processes they need to succeed.
  • Are your leaders ready to help your organization shift to digital and manage resistance to change?

    Some employees love new ideas, software and processes, but others may feel threatened. Leaders need to be aware how today’s great, new opportunities can be seen as “stranger danger” by key personnel. You don’t want to lose your best people in an important time of transition.

    Brian Carter’s digital transformation keynote programs deal with the typical obstacles and stresses that leaders and transformation teams encounter by combining hilarious jokes and true stories with real business case studies and research from organizations who’ve already successfully completed the journey you’re now beginning. Brian also customizes his content based on interviews and Transformation Assessments with your key people.

    Brian is frequently selected as the keynote speaker for events by Fortune 500 corporations, government, nonprofits, industry orgs and associations who want to move beyond the limitations of traditional “best-practices” and set breakthrough goals to maximize their success.

    Program Highlights:

  • Why digital allows organizations to escape boring mediocrity and create bigger opportunities and success.
  • Why digital opportunities are so exciting, and how to transfer that enthusiasm to your team.
  • Common digital transformation myths that slow down transformation and create employee resistance.
  • How to help experts in old methods become experts in the new ones.
  • Listening skills that dissolve resistance and create motivation.
  • Aligning your team around the core transformation goals and messages.
  • Teaching collaboration around digital, and how departments come together during digital transformation.
  • The 5 Keys to getting and organizing your data without being overwhelmed or creating interdepartmental conflict.
  • The most common I.T. (Information Technology) problems, including I.T. conflicts with other departments, and how to overcome them.
  • The keys to overcoming market data problems and beating your competition.
  • The top 5 tools and systems every company must have in place for successful digital transformation.
  • Digital tools for employee engagement, management, admin, HR, accounting, marketing, sales and customer loyalty.
  • Did you know that customers prefer innovative companies and will pay more for innovative products and services? Research backs it up. Innovation drives revenue. Innovative companies outperform others. But how do you create a culture of innovation and get everybody thinking more innovatively? Isn’t creativity hard? Can’t just a few special people do it? Nope, everybody has ideas and everyone can learn to have more ideas, better ideas and more original ideas. When everyone in your organization is more innovative, you make more money, keep your employees and beat the competition.

    This high-impact, entertaining, inspiring innovation keynote contains thought-provoking stories plus practical advice and proven step-by-step methods based on 20 years of research and innovation success stories. In this fun, takeaway-oriented program, the audience will learn how to…

    Program Highlights:

  • The 7 steps to creating a culture of innovation.
  • How to build bridges within your organization to discover new ideas and opportunities.
  • 5 ways to inspire people to think differently.
  • How to work with your most valuable innovation partners: your coworkers and employees!
  • The 3 types of listening that foster innovation and revenue growth.
  • Top organizations lead, innovate and drive revenue by listening to customers and employees. Great ideas can come from anywhere. Henry Ford said he didn’t ask his customers for ideas because his customers would have just asked for faster horses. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t listen to his customers’s problems or goals. He did, because great innovations come in a flash of inspiration after you listen to everyone.

    Program Highlights:

  • How to listen to and engage customers as the fertile ground of innovation.
  • How to survey, engage and partner with coworkers and employers to find breakthrough ideas.
  • How to use the 5 kinds of big info every organization already has to create innovative ideas and opportunities.
  • The 7 types of customers and the kind of innovation each one craves.
  • The difference in customer behavior for different generations and how to create innovation for each one.
  • MILLENNIALS ARE GAINING POWER and they’re definitely different… and uniquely valuable. Do you know how they like to be communicated to? Do you know how to bring them together as a team? How to attract them to your workforce and keep them there? And what about Gen Z, who’s now coming into the workforce- who are they? What about Gen X? And how can the younger generations get along better with Boomers and the Silent Generation?

    In this entertaining, inclusive and research-based keynote, Gen X’er Brian Carter leverages 20 years of experience managing, serving, partnering with, marketing to and selling to all five of these generations- plus the latest stats and research to deliver a thought-provoking and practical talk that will help get your company to the next level.

    Brian’s unique perspective and hilarious original jokes and stories dissolve tension and bring everyone together in this team building program:

  • Each generation’s special strengths and skills, and how to harness them.
  • Simple steps for each generation to get along better with the others and boost employee engagement.
  • How all the generations can come together to form Voltron, creating unbeatably strong and productive intergenerational teams inside your company.
  • How to identify, prevent and overcome the 5 Top intergenerational communication obstacles
  • What it means to have Gen X and Gen Y move into leadership and how they can be most effective.
  • How to attract and retain more young talent
  • Why all people within a generation are not the same and how to avoid intergenerational bashing.
  • How to make sure everyone feels valuable and included, and your organization creates a win-win with everyone.
  • MILLENNIALS have more and more money as they continue their professional careers. Some of them have very low expenses. And some will soon inherit quite a bit. Do you know how Millennials like to be marketed to, why they buy and what they want in customer service? What about Gen Z? Gen X? Do you know how each generation prefers to be marketed to? Why they buy? How they want to be managed? What they love and hate in customer service? What are Baby Boomers and the Silent Generation buying today?

    In this fun, research-based talk, attendees learn:

  • How each generation wants to be marketed to and influenced… so that you can boost new customers, customer engagement and your bottom line.
  • How top companies use specific Generational Frameworks to create big win-wins with customers and employees.
  • The 5 types of younger people your company needs to market, sell to and serve.
  • How social advertising can improve your ability to attract the right next employee for your company.
  • Which generational stereotypes and strategies fail and how to get a bigger response.
  • How to motivate marketers and salespeople in each generation to get the best results for your company.
  • Is your customer experience attractive to current and future customers? In 2019, there will be more Millennials than Baby Boomers. Are you adapting the customer experience as customer demographics change? Are you confident that your communication methods are likable to Millennials and Gen Z?

    In this entertaining, research-based talk, attendees learn:

  • How to satisfy customers of all generations
  • The best practices for customer experience and sales in the social/millennial era.
  • How to make your customer experience more attractive to current and future customers.
  • How to choose the right communication options to maximize word-of-mouth activity.
  • Two surprising things that all generations want.
  • The psychological motivations and strengths of Baby Boomers, the Silent Generation, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z.
  • 15 important business trends being driven by generational differences.
  • Even if you don’t use it, what we’re learning from social media makes it easier for people to get along and can make teams more productive. Are your folks using those insights yet? Generations are just one of the differences that can get between us. Are you confident your team members are doing the best they can when they team up with people of different backgrounds and preferences? New findings from researchers at Pew, Gallup and Stanford continue to reveal new ways to influence and motivate teams (as well as the things we do that rub people the wrong way and reduce our impact!). Have you put the latest insights into practice to take your organization to the next level?

    This high-energy, entertaining, motivational teamwork keynote contains tons of practical advice based on decades of research and individual success stories.

    In this fun, takeaway-oriented program, audience members will learn how to…

  • Make everyone feel included and empowered.
  • Concentrate on what people really want and easily create stronger bonds.
  • Escape misconceptions and join a world that respects and supports the differences between people.
  • Break free of the “blame game” to join a world of proactive, caring teammates.
  • Leave outdated teamwork ideas behind and embrace the future of productive groups.
  • This high-energy, entertaining, motivational social media program is based on an in-depth 10-year study of 100’s of top performing companies in 25 industries who used social media to successfully respond to customers and satisfy and retain them- regardless of their size, budget or training. Through candid interviews, and direct work with these companies, Brian learned the specific strategies and tactics they used to succeed. This session looks at those best practices and teaches you a proven process to create your own customer service success.

    Program Highlights

  • How to become the #1 company with the best customer service in your industry! Fortune 500 customer experience strategies any-sized companies can use.
  • Why smartphone and other mobile customer service is no longer optional, and how to excel at it.
  • How to make sure you don’t miss any customer complaints – anywhere – ever!
  • The most important social customer service platforms, strategies and tools- and the over-rated time-wasters you should avoid.
  • How to solve today’s biggest customer service problem.
  • The big change in customer service that drives some companies crazy- yet could make yours much more efficient!
  • Traditional marketing is no longer the only way to reach retail customers, drive them into your store and stay in touch. Customers have flocked to the Internet and social media, and many powerful, new marketing tools are freely available. So, how do modern retailers profit? What works and what’s just a waste of time? What’s the easiest, most effective way to more sales? And who should do the work: Freelancers? Employees? Ad agencies? Or even the business owners themselves?

    In this entertaining keynote, bestselling author Brian Carter shares answers, insights and tools that help retail store owners and marketers get bigger results. Based on hands-on experience and an in-depth 10 year study of thousands of North American retailers who have used the Internet and social media to drive revenue and profits in dozens of industries, Brian shares:

  • Proven digital opportunities that increase your retail foot traffic, door swings and sales.
  • Time-tested solutions with Google, social media, blogging and influencers.
  • How you can reach the right people- anyone, of any age- with social media.
  • What everyone needs to know about local business marketing.
  • Exactly how the fastest growing retail stores drive 10x more sales than their competitors.
  • A Fortune 500 social media strategy that can boost any retail store’s sales.
  • What to avoid: over-hyped fads that waste time and just don’t deliver.
  • Today’s biggest sales and marketing problem and how to solve it.
  • The surprising truth about viral marketing, and how successful companies use modern marketing to achieve and sustain strong sales growth.
  • How to know where to invest your marketing time and money, both now and in the future.
  • With 19 years of hands-on Internet marketing experience and a background in improv and stand-up comedy, Brian delivers motivation, humor and practical takeaways ensuring every audience member leaves with the tools and solutions they need to succeed.
  • More and more, your effectiveness with email, social media and other digital formats is determining your leadership success. The key to employee engagement is to make sure that your people know that distance and location have no bearing on how connected you are to their value. How much are you leading in person, compared to your email communication? Are you managing remote workers around the country, across the world or just people in other buildings?

    In this insightful, entertaining and up-to-the-minute program, leaders will learn:

  • How to navigate the generational differences at play in business communication and leadership today.
  • How to connect when you can’t meet face-to-face.
  • The top tools and tactics leaders use for digital communication.
  • How to combine your best leadership skills and deliver them in an online format.
  • Virtual strategies for managing effectively through digital communication.
  • How to implement a tech-empowered future that keeps employees excited and loyal.
  • How to digitally transfer your culture, foster new ideas and help your team drive higher revenues and lower costs.
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    “Phenomenal speaker. Personable, informative and downright entertaining. I’d hire him back in a second.”

    — NBC-Universal

    “I’m so glad you were our keynote. You were the perfect choice.”

    — Microsoft

    “Brian is an engaging and entertaining speaker. Timely and fun!”

    — MD Revolution

    “Brian recently spoke at our annual conference of industry leaders. In addition to his delivery and engaging style, the content he provided was invaluable to attendees and received high marks on our post conference survey. His preparation was amazing as he reached out to attendees prior to the event to ensure he knew the audience and delivered meaningful and actionable content. Additionally, Brian and his team were professional, timely and highly organized which can be rare. I would recommend Brian to anyone seeking a professional, entertaining, dedicated and highly engaged speaker.”

    — International Housewares Association

    “Very impressed with Brian’s content and ability to deliver an impactful message in a fun and interesting way. One of the leaders. We had a blast.”

    — Life Technologies & Thermo Fisher Scientific

    “Outstanding presentation! Has our business owners thinking differently. Easy executable steps made everyone there comfortable and intrigued. A simple plan that can help any size business become a gorilla in their marketplace.”

    — Keystone Automotive

    “Brian has been amazingly helpful to us at Content Marketing Institute, from his insights to his superb performance at our annual event Content Marketing World. Brian has the gift of identifying problems quickly and helping companies and individuals understand them to take action.”

    — Content Marketing World

    “Brian received rave reviews and definitely knows his stuff. If you’re looking for a speaker and want someone who is engaging, humorous and relates well with an audience, then Brian’s your guy! He’s also a pleasure to work with!”

    — Professional Engineers of North Carolina

    “The perfect balance of content and humor to create an engaging and informative presentation. Instead of just a pre-packaged speech, Brian did his homework, spoke to our audience and customized the presentation around our specific goals and challenges. The audience was not only engaged but diligently taking notes so they could act on the information presented.”

    — Hand and Stone Massage

    “Brian spoke to a diverse crowd ranging from Millennials to Baby Boomers. He left neither in the dark. Brian took the audience on a journey of discovery and enlightenment, while using stand-up style comedy in perfect alignment. Brian’s business stories were profound and his entertainment provided the opportunity to absorb the strategic points before moving on. Brian Carter could command an audience talking business OR making people laugh. Fortunately for us, he did both.”

    — Global Recruiters Network
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