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Bryan Dodge – Personal Development Speaker
Bryan Dodge-The Power of Focus
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Learn the intangible qualities that will help you attract better talent and develop your top performers into becoming better leaders through the art of coaching. He will teach you how you can help your people increase their productivity and retention through coaching leadership principles.

Most of all Bryan will layout the differences between simple leadership and the principles of Leadership Through the Principles of Coaching and how it leads to higher levels of growth by growing thought people and with people. Taking your leadership to the highest level!

• Attracting, developing, and keeping Top Performers who become Coach Leaders
• How to increase productivity and retention through Coach Leadership
• The biggest differences between leadership and Coaching principles
• The #1 skill a coach leader must master

Bryan Dodge’s authoritative teaching style will inspire you to recognize the most important
ingredients needed to elevate your leadership. This one-of-a-kind message is life-changing, and will alter how you view your responsibilities. He will reveal the intangible qualities that will take your skills to the next level, including the three most important laws of leadership and how to
implement them. He will demonstrate how you can help your people overcome the challenges that
are inhibiting their performance, plus critical elements of integrity and trust that are paramount to success. Bryan will outline the most important strategies you can employ to eliminate bad habits,
and how taking the time to implement good habits will take your leadership to a whole new level!
Bryan’s audiences are amazed at how much knowledge they gain in the short time he spends with them. His magnetic charisma and passion for helping people grow present a compelling delivery
that will move and inspire not only the hearts and minds of the audience, but also their spirit and
desire to achieve life changing results.

Learning objectives:
• Why taking ownership of leadership both at work and home is important
• What is the biggest problem in leadership today
• The power of coaching up instead of managing down
• How to get your team to work harder when you’re not in the office
• How to create unstoppable chemistry within your team
• Bryan’s personal, and favorite formula for success

In this high-impact session, Bryan provides the inspiration, insight, and need-to-know information
that helps participants gain new communication skills and refresh old ones. Participants evaluate
their own communication skills and learn the steps needed to become effective communicators.

This session includes the top seven ways you can get control of your emotions. Learn how to translate thoughts into presentable, easy to understand dialogue that is both persuasive and effective. Re-visit the lost art of listening, and the importance it has on becoming a master communicator. Bryan also emphasizes key communication practices that will energize and sustain winning teams.

Other key take-away’s include
• How to say more in less time
• The “dos and don’ts” of communicating with a team
• Studying techniques – how to translate what you read to verbal expression

This is one of Bryan’s most popular and requested educational programs. He will challenge you to
unleash your full potential and how you can better lead today’s generation. People don’t want to be
managed; they want to be coached and mentored. The goal of this training is to provide new knowledge that will enable you to create a culture that stands strong, no matter how tough the
environment becomes.

You will learn effective team-building skills that are essential to developing group dynamics. Bryan will explain in detail five sources of inspiration that will motivate your team to work more effectively, even if you’re out of the office! He’ll cover the key factors in human development that correlate directly to individual growth and team evolution. The end result is creating the momentum and sustainability needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

Bryan’s program is refreshing and entertaining, yet informative and educational. His dynamic teaching style keeps the audience fully engaged!

More take-away’s
• Understand the most important element in creating loyalty
• Learn the keys to proper self-talk designed to build self esteem and self worth
• Be skilled at creating chemistry
• How to get your people to work together
• How to let go of the past and be excited about the future

Learn how managing your time can enhance your productivity both at work and at home. This
dynamic program focuses on organizing, maximizing, and simplifying your day-to-day tasks to get the most out of your day. Bryan will teach you the two types of pain, what they are, and why you
must pick one. He’ll introduce you to the four essential steps of time management and how to
facilitate those steps. You’ll learn the necessary techniques to make every minute count.

Bryan’s delivery of this important aspect of personal development is engaging and eye-opening.
His unique style coupled with over 28 years of experience will give you a close up and personal
understanding of why he’s one of the most requested speakers in the country! This is a program
that will stick with you, and have an immediate impact! You will leave this program wanting

Key points:
• Achieve balance between work and home
• Learn where energy really comes from, and Bryan’s 3 favorite words, “Bring Energy Home!”
• Learn the 48-hour system that allows time to become your friend
• Learn how to prioritize
• Learn specific ways to get more done in less time

In theory, almost all people know the value of setting goals. Yet most individuals procrastinate and
fail to follow through, or they have no comprehension of how to set those goals effectively. Bryan’s goal setting program teaches a powerful, step-by-step methodology that’s not only effective, but simple to implement and manage. He’ll explain “The Truth of Diminishing Intent” (the 48 Hour
Rule) and how overcoming the three most common obstacles in goal setting will lead to a more fulfilled life.

You’ll learn four characteristics that are essential to setting realistic goals, and the primary benefits that come from doing so in writing. By emphasizing the many benefits of proper goal-setting, this program becomes a powerful catalyst and educational experience that will change your life!

• Understand why goals must be written
• Understand the true definition and purpose of a goal
• Learn how to manage your fears, failures and setbacks
• Learn how to conquer procrastination
• How to create a NO list!

In a good negotiation, both sides need to feel they have won. Negotiation is primarily an exchange of
satisfactions. One party can win more than the other, but neither would see themselves as having lost. This is the key to developing a “win-win” negotiating strategy. No one can help you understand the fundamentals of negotiation better than Bryan. In this dynamic program you will learn the top five facts of successful negotiation, and the underlying factors these facts contribute.

You will learn what the key characteristics of a great negotiator are and how you can utilize them in all three stages of the process. Bryan will outline the seven laws of negotiation that are critical in maintaining control of the conversation.

More learning objectives:
• Learn what non-verbal actions to look for
• Master the art of questioning to gain needed information
• Learn the importance of patience and keeping your emotions in-check
• Learn how to plan ahead and gain the advantage
• Learn how to evaluate your communication skills and what to work on

Negotiating is a skill. Like all skills, you can develop good negotiating techniques. Bryan will deliver a
program that is designed to reinforce fundamentals and to improve existing expertise. Bryan’s engaging
personality and masterful delivery make this a must-see program! Your team will come away energized, motivated and ready to put to use the exciting techniques they have learned!

The ultimate goal of this program is to help guide, coach, and encourage people in sales to master a new level of professionalism. Why did you choose sales as a profession? How can sales be your best friend? Bryan will re-emphasize the fundamentals and introduce you to the characteristics of high-level professionals. Discover fifteen ways you can improve your first impression. Master the top seven tools of the sales profession and learn why it is so important to continue honing your skills.

This program will include some basics of the negotiation program including use of questions, planning ahead, and evaluating your communication skills. Learn how to keep your sales career on an upward track, and how to avoid the
mistakes that can slow it down.

Learning Objectives:
• Discover why it is so important that customers see you as a solution-provider
• Create the chemistry and energy that draws in new business
• Learn how selling has changed and what the consultative approach is
• Understand the true power behind the close, and how to increase your closing ratio
• Determine the secrets of creating customer loyalty
• Understand the key points of successful negotiation
• Learn secrets in shortening the sales process
• Discover how to become the master of prospecting

Professional speaker, author, and national business consultant Bryan Dodge will open your mind and heart to help you focus on the most essential aspects of life. Most importantly, he will inspire you to reach your full potential, both at work and at home. To accomplish this goal, Bryan teaches a stair-step method on how top producers and effective leaders keep on the cutting edge and continue to achieve day to day excellence.

Bryan’s message on personal and professional development focuses on three key areas. First, he will show you how to have your best year ever. Second, he will coach you on how to create consistent upward growth in your life, and third he will train you on how to harness the power of personal energy!

• Learn the primary disciplines that create habits
• Create upward and consistent results in day-to-day endeavors
• How to apply the E-A-T Philosophy which will set you apart
• Utilize goal setting in a way you have never heard of before
• Maintain balance between work and home
• Apply the “Three Laws of Leadership” that give companies a competitive edge
• Focus energy and creativity for greater results
• Take charge and achieve superior results in every aspect of your life
• Discover how to benefit from the “Triangle of Change”

Bryan touches his audiences through his own gift of inspiration and encouragement. This helps provide you with a clearer vision to making better decisions and better choices. The best part of his message is that his delivery style makes learning fun and memorable! You will leave this program awakened and enlightened, and best of all you will have a clear path to building a better you!


“Bryan was an outstanding speaker and had a significant impact on many of our staff we had in attendance. His delivery was exceptional and examples really resonated with people. I would highly recommend him to any organization.”

— State of South Dakota Wildlife Division

It went great! Bryan did an outstanding job and most definitely met our expectations and more. Thanks for the assistance.

— State of South Dakota Wildlife Division

” Bryan did a great job!!!! We hear many great comments! Wow!!!!”

— Mid Kansas Cooperation Association

“I’m writing to express my thanks for the privilege to listen and learn from you. I have heard a number of speakers like Zig Ziglar, Colin Powell, and more but none as enjoyable as you.”

— President of Pinewski Builders, Inc. Northwestern Lumber Association
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