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Posted by Sheldon Senek

We need to talk about blockchain. It’s going to revolutionize the way we live and the way we do business. If that sounds like a bold claim, remember that few people were predicting the likes of Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix in the early days of the Internet, and yet here we are. If you want your business and staff to thrive during the upcoming changes, hiring a blockchain speaker will get everyone up to speed and on board.

Our Blockchain Speakers

Our blockchain speakers can describe this technology best, but essentially it’s a system that proves ownership, whether that’s ownership of a bitcoin, a document, a vote, or other information. In a world that is increasingly digital, ownership and protection of digital data and information is increasingly important.

Fortune 500 companies are actively exploring and using blockchain to make the most of this fast-developing technology. Big players like Facebook and JP Morgan Chase are already implementing blockchain technology. The applications are many and varied. We have blockchain speakers who can explain the importance and the possibilities of blockchain. Hiring a blockchain speaker for an event, conference, or other meeting will be a great bonus for your firm.

Jason Schenker

Considered one of the world’s most accurate futurists, Jason Schenker will delight your listeners on the subject of blockchain. He is the world’s number one forecaster in 25 categories, including:

  • the British Pound
  • the Euro
  • the Russian Ruble
  • the Chinese RMB
  • the Swiss Franc
  • the prices of crude oil, natural gas, gold, industrial metals, and agricultural commodities
  • US jobs

According to Investopedia in 2018, he was one of the most influential financial advisors. According to us, he will help your business look to the future and act accordingly. He has a talent for making complex concepts understandable and will help you make positive, informed decisions for your business in the face of technological disruption.

Andrew Busch

Imagine having the US government’s first Chief Market Intelligence Officer (CMIO) talk to your guests or staff. Now get in touch with us to make it a reality.

Andrew briefed the White House, US House, and US Senate staff on subjects including the virtual currencies and extreme market volatility. He is now available to provide his expertise as a blockchain speaker, tailored to your audience.

His experience and expertise are relevant to every industry, business, and conference. If you want to know how the world is changing and what this means for you and your business, he’s a key person to ask.

Jack Shaw

We can also connect you with Jack Shaw, a business technology futurist considered the world’s leading professional speaker on blockchain and related technologies. In polls, he was voted one of the top 25 speakers in the world and ranked in the top 5 technology futurists.

Blockchain is not just something to learn about but technology to incorporate into our lives – business and personal. Jack’s practical approach and decades of experience in designing and implementing business technologies will help you and your audience do just that.

Kaihan Krippendorff

Founder of growth strategy and innovation consulting company Outthinker, Kaihan is a great speaker for event organizers who want to shake things up and get teams thinking creatively. His innovation and high-energy approach make him ideal for helping people anticipate and deal with technological disruption.

In addition to being an accomplished author, Kaihan is an excellent blockchain speaker who is able to inspire and guide his audiences. As an advisory board member for a transportation platform that is powered by blockchain, he has current, relevant, industry knowledge. And one of his programs is titled: “Cutting Through the Blockchain Hype: Understanding and Acting on the Ultimate Disruption.” If that sounds like something you’d like people to do, get in touch with us and let us help arrange the perfect speaker and the perfect talk for your event.

These are just some of the fantastic, experienced speakers who can talk about blockchain, what it means, and how to make the most of the coming changes. Getting the right blockchain speaker for your industry and your event is easy with Eagle Talent. We have exceptional speakers available to suit your needs and your budget.

Just tell us what you need. We will use our 40+ years of experience to simplify the process of getting the speaker to you and having him or her deliver the inspiring, educational, and entertaining experience that will transform your event.

Trust us to provide you with the very best talent for your every need. Get in touch to collaborate with us today.

Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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