When to Hire a Funny Keynote Speaker

Posted by Sheldon Senek

A funny keynote speaker for your event will excel at breaking the ice and making an audience feel comfortable. Best of all, humor is a great way of making an emotional connection.

Just about all of our speakers have a sense of humor. It’s one of the important factors in making an emotional connection with an audience. But we also have a range of speakers who are either humorists or use humor to get their message across. Such speakers can be appropriate to just about any event you can imagine.

Making an emotional connection with your audience and generating their emotions impacts what audiences take away from a keynote. Long after the event, the way you felt at the time will be a key emotional cue. Think back to some of the most influential keynotes you’ve heard in the past. You will remember the key points, of course, but what stays even longer is how you felt when you heard it.

Author, CEO, and multiple TED speaker, Julian Treasure, available through Eagles Talent, has written extensively about the importance of feelings and emotions in improving an audience’s ability to listen and to digest what they are hearing. Negative emotions reduce our ability to listen. Humor is a key component to make sure your audience will remember your event.

When to Hire a Funny Keynote Speaker to Make an Impact

Perhaps the most obvious reason to hire a funny keynote speaker is for an event that is light-hearted or in which there is much happiness and frivolity, such as a gala dinner, an awards ceremony, or a corporate get together. A funny keynote speaker will relate well and reinforce the light mood.

Setting the Tone

Whether finishing an event or at the top of the bill, a funny keynote speaker can leave your audience in a good mood and make a lasting impression. Our extensive roster of comedians is ideal for glitzy events that need energy or a funny keynote to get the audience rolling in the aisles or laughing into their dessert dishes. We explain our humorists’ styles and angles clearly, and we’ll help you choose the right one.

Warming Up the Audience And Encouraging People to Take Action

Another – perhaps less obvious – reason to hire a funny keynote speaker is to break the ice and make an audience more receptive to the messages that follow. Humor is attractive, disarming, and can be used as an ice-breaker. Your audience may not necessarily want to be there. They may be distracted or nervous. This is an ideal time to use humor to bring an audience together. Our proven talent can help to break the ice and get your event off to a great start and we’re always happy to help you choose the right speaker.

Comic Relief

A funny keynote speaker can also be used to break up an intense or detailed day.  The power of emotions in listening is well known. As an example, a funny keynote before lunch to round off a difficult morning or to enliven before the afternoon plenary is a great way to use a funny speaker.

Even when the subject matter isn’t necessarily funny in itself, humor is a good way of keeping people’s attention. Our speakers represent top talent, and within that is the talent to find common ground within audiences, tailoring humor to a specific audience to keep their attention.

Poking Fun at The Elephant in the Room

One of the most useful places humor can be used is when approaching sensitive subjects that can make people feel uncomfortable. You may need to challenge perceptions; one example might be generational differences within the workplace and how employers need to respond.

It might be uncomfortable listening for some, but Eagles Talent has speakers who specialize in subtly and carefully blending humor into topics to help relieve discomfort.

Shayla Rivera provides smarts and laughs with her comic style that draws on her life experiences and observations. This former NASA Aerospace Engineer now works as a stand-up comedian, TV show host, actor, writer, and more. For a funny keynote speaker that can make your audience laugh and enlighten it at the same time, look no further. You get at least two for the price of one with Andy Gross, with his brand of ventriloquism. He will enthrall guests of all backgrounds and ages with his magic and theater. And Chris Bliss is a Tonight Show favorite and one of our favorite funny speakers too. He’s a speaker with presence who will make your audience feel comfortable and connected via comedy.

These are just three of our funny speakers working to help our clients connect with audiences, build relationships, and share messages through the universal language of laughter. Check out our dozens of comedy speakers to find those perfect for your event or other needs.

Ask Us For Help

Our speakers know how to use humor. We can help you find the right balance. Whether you need a funny keynote speaker to make the right impression or end on a high, or a subject speaker who uses humor to get his or her message across, we’ve got it here at Eagles Talent. Our experienced staff is ready to help you find the perfect speaker for your event.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and hire the most appropriate funny speaker for your event.

Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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