Gabe Zichermann

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Innovator, Futurist, Motivator, Entrepreneur, Author

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With over 25 years of experience founding and running high-velocity tech companies, I’ve seen my fair share of new ideas come, go and conquer.

But how do you know which is which? And even more importantly, how do you thrive in a world that changes every hour?

That’s the role of the futurist: to identify important trends relevant to your attendees, break them down into easily understandable chunks, and provide a process to attack new opportunities.

That’s what you get from great futurist keynote speakers: the ability to move beyond the buzzwords and fear of the unknown to uncover the actionable insights that will drive positive change going forward among your attendees. Nothing is less motivating than a laundry list of things you should be worried about without any way of leveraging it as opportunity. I understand this intimately, and deliver innovation keynotes that inspire and motivate.

The pace of innovation today is truly astounding. But how do organizations and individuals stay on the cutting edge, delivering maximum value in an ever-changing economy?

I’m an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 16, and has started (and sold) a number of companies since. In each case, my startups were on the cutting edge of various industries and movements, and I’ve had the fortune of being able to share my understanding with tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, managers and executives.

I’ve learned that in order to spark innovation, you need to build a culture that truly embraces (and not just talks about) the potential for failure and the need to innovate. If we can’t elevate and celebrate failure, we deprive ourselves and our organizations of the necessary fuel to drive innovation.

This is what stands between intention and action in the most innovative organizations.

Most organizations say that people are their greatest asset. But even if you have unlimited resources and an endless well of amazing talent (and you probably don’t), you need to be able to drive maximum performance from the people around you, today.

Leading in a time of great change and upheaval is tough even for the smartest and strongest executives. This has never been more true than now, and what separates the winners from the losers increasingly hinges on intelligent, vulnerable and failure-friendly leadership.

My leadership keynotes draw on my personal experience of co-founding 5+ companies and case studies gleaned from research into top innovators in athletics, the arts, technology, industry and politics. I’ve led diverse, global and challenging teams across industries, and these lessons are among the most valuable attendees can gain.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve co-founded 6 high-growth startups. Some were spectacular successes, and others failed. Learning from and overcoming setbacks is one of the most important determiners of success. To build that “grit”, teams and individuals must be motivated and clear-eyed about the opportunity.

My business motivational keynotes can be a highlight of any event where energizing and exciting attendees is a priority. Working together, we will develop a speaking program that gives your organization the drive to truly succeed.

But in order to do this, your teams will need both big ideas and a viable process for implementing them. That’s where my unique approach to developing custom programming really works for your event. Whether you are looking for leadership motivational speakers, sales motivational speakers or even educational motivational speakers, we can help.


“It was a pleasure to have someone as distinguished as Gabe at our event. He was very funny and personable. His keynote was intriguing and was well received by our event participants. I particularly enjoyed how he embedded our content, teaching English Language Learners, into his break out session.”

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