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"The Nation’s Misleading Expert" - Lying For Laughs for Over 3 Decades!

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Harry Freedman
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ABSOLUTELY! Harry has performed his put-ons for virtually every industry and has convinced audiences that he is an expert in anything from healthcare to energy to sales and marketing. He has pretended to be anything from a White House advisor to a new Vice President of the company.

In each case, Harry’s put-ons are completely customized to the client’s need and situation. Sometimes the “spoof” takes the form of poking fun at a general topic you agree on with Harry; sometimes it’s poking fun at specific people that you and Harry select. In either case, you can rest assured it will be a hit with your group.

Harry has entertained for conferences outside the U.S. as well as for groups with international attendees from around the world. He has also performed for companies above the NY Stock Exchange and in the basement below Carnegie Hall, so he’s worked at the top of the financial world and at the bottom of the show business world. Regardless of the audience background, Harry is able to create material that is accessible and reachable to all.

A great EMCEE. . .

1. Connects with the audience and makes them feel at ease
2. Acts as a guide to the event, knowing when to be serious and when to throw out a quip to lighten the mood
3. Keeps the event on schedule and handles unexpected mishaps or delays with grace and aplomb.
4. Ensures that the audience is alert and energized throughout set up each speaker for success.
5. Captures unexpected live moments and turns them into humor as appropriate.
6. Thoroughly prepares for every aspect of the meeting, including introductions and stage movement.

Harry has hosted numerous corporate events, training sessions, honorariums, and award banquets for Fortune 1000 companies and has emceed for thousands of comedy shows and private functions. As always, Harry customizes like crazy to keep it special, so will take good care of the activities onstage so you can take care of them offstage.

He has had the pleasure of introducing notables such as Robert Reich and Jose Feliciano.

If you’re hosting a private party, business function, award ceremony, fund-raiser, retirement dinner, holiday party, birthday, or any event where you want everyone to laugh, Harry Freedman offers clean, tasteful stand-up comedy at its best.

Whether you want straight stand-up, an emcee, or his personal specialty of customized put-ons, Harry will provide everything including sound and lights for a great show at a budget you can afford!

Harry has appeared as a stand-up comedian on Carolines Comedy Hour with Richard Jeni, Standup Spotlight with Rosie O’Donnel, and Comedy On the Road with John Byner. Harry can also be seen at theaters as Ray Romano’s opening act.

Would you like to give your friend, relative, business associate, or significant other, a night they’ll never forget? Then let Harry give you, or your guest of honor, his or her own personal roast!

There is a moment in almost every function where someone gets up to give a toast. Imagine at that moment if you had Harry introduced as an old friend or colleague of the guest of honor.

Comedians have a saying, “We only roast the ones we love.” So, it is considered the highest honor for a comedian to be roasted by his peers. Now, you can join their ranks by giving someone the ultimate gift, an incredible night of laughter – that’s all about them!

Harry has been doing customized toasts/roasts for some of the biggest CEO’s in the country, as well as birthdays, retirements, and anniversaries, and he’ll do the same for you.

How it Works

Harry gathers information about the roastee, and any other guests you might wish to be included. Whether you want the roast to be gentle, medium, or risqué, Harry will adjust his material accordingly, and review it with you prior to the event to make sure it’s all in good fun.

At the event, Harry can either serve as Roast master and Emcee, or, go up after all the other toasts as a ringer, introduced as a friend, colleague or someone presenting an award to the guest of honor. So even in situations where everyone is expecting a serious tribute, Harry surprises them with a personalized “toast.” Harry can also help write material for other “toasters.”

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