Kevin Freiberg, PhD

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Leadership Expert and Coauthor of NUTS! and GUTS!

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Kevin Freiberg, PhD
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Business leaders can draw from the insights and apply the wisdom that turned the failing San Francisco Giant’s franchise into a $2B force, with 3 World Championship titles in 5 years.

You do NOT have to be a baseball fan or sports addict to learn from Bochy Ball. You do have to be a person who wants to borrow from what great leadership looks like in the best and worst of times! How does that translate to today’s business leaders?

The Giant’s success is based upon clubhouse culture, team chemistry, and a championship mindset, all things every business can gain from. Top CEO’s understand that an intentional approach to company culture and a willingness to nurture a “champion’s mindset” in each of their employees is vital to their organization’s success. Whether you want to…

  • Reinforce a Major Initiative
  • Stretch People’s Thinking
  • Build More Team Chemistry
  • Establish a Business Case for Change
  • Coach People to Perform at their Very Best, or
  • Inspire a Higher Level of Leadership

    You will get a highly customized keynote, that wraps countless lessons from Bochy Ball around your team’s performance goals and your meeting objectives.

  • This presentation has received accolades from business leaders in companies all over the world—primarily because Kevin demystifies innovation and shows you how innovators THINK and what they DO.

    Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can…

  • Create a culture where people aren’t afraid to question the unquestionable
  • Encourage risk by rewarding intelligent failure.
  • Build unlikely partnerships that lead to ingenuity
  • Continually load your pipelines with great ideas.
  • Challenge teams to use limitations as springboards to creativity
  • This presentation shows you what happens in companies that are passionate about growth. If you want to create a culture where people move with a sense of urgency and say “ yes” to new ideas, new relationships, new business models, new products and new markets, this presentation is your kickstarter.

    Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can…

  • Say NO to the “incumbent’s mentality” that leads to failure.
  • Lead change efforts that are opportunity-led not crisis-driven.
  • Say “yes” to NEXT practices not BEST practices to avoid being #2.
  • Now more than ever, consumers expect meaningful social impact. In the future, if you can’t demonstrate that you are legitimately doing something to make the world better you won’t be in business.

    Define your business as a cause and watch your people reach higher, move faster and own more—and, make brand fanatics of your customers.

    Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can…

  • Inspire employees to come to work fully awake, fully engaged, and firing on all cylinders.
  • Give employees a chance to solve a problem that really matters.
  • Show how your products and services have social value and positive impact.
  • Invite Customers to buy BETTER VERSIONS of themselves.
  • Kevin will unpack the character strengths of gutsy leaders and shows you how these strengths play out in some of the world’s most admired companies.

    Keynote Takeaways: Kevin details how you can…

  • Move the organization in bold, new directions to turn average into an exceptional.
  • Choose service over self-interest and become stewards of people’s potential.
  • Invite people to share ideas and create breakthroughs that challenge the status quo and accelerate innovation.
  • Reviews

    “I have to tell you…your presentation really made a positive impact to our practice, so much that we have put a task force around “Innovation” as our folks were really thirsty for this type of action and thought process within our group.”

    — Dennis Prestia, Sr. Partner, KPMG

    “Kevin, really listened to all our executives input and tailored his content so the message was right on target, you hit a bullseye! Our entire audience was entranced, your presentation could not have been better.”

    — Assistant Medical Grp Administrator, KaiserPermanente

    “Kevin’s presentation was not only motivating and comprehensible, it was directly related to CIBC and the financial industry. The members of the audience left the workshop with a whole new inspiration to make changes in their work lives.”

    — Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

    “Kevin nailed every subject we asked him to and customized them to our industry and franchise owners. This can be a jaded group but it was obvious they were very enthusiastic by the standing ovation they gave Kevin…”

    — Association of KFC Franchisees

    “It’s often a difficult task to have such a diverse group of global thinkers agree on something, but, Kevin, you achieved the impossible! I compliment you on the extensive preparation and outstanding job that you did despite having an outsider’s view to this industry.”

    — Infosys

    “Kevin’s message was extremely relevant and he even used our words—people were amazed how he could talk directly to us vs. the usual canned talks.”

    — Conoco Phillips
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