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Certified Body Language Trainer, Speaker, and Coach.

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The best leaders aren’t necessarily the ones people follow blindly. They’re the ones people follow willingly and eagerly. They’re the people who understand how personal connection stems not simply from the words we say, but from the physical & emotional cues we display!
In this engaging keynote, your audience will laugh, (possibly gasp!) and learn exactly what their bodies are saying when their mouths stop moving. With an ear-catching and eye-catching experience, audiences will learn:


At the core of building executive presence is your charisma—that “something special”  that draws others to you, and makes them eager to trust you. Even if you’re not a “natural born leader”, you can build your executive presence by cultivating your charisma. A foundational approach to executive presence training, this interactive session illustrates the nonverbal keys of influence and how they affect the way others perceive you, your warmth, your competence, and your ability to lead.

Get ready to go from “meh” to “memorable”. Get ready to cultivate your charisma!

This presentation is customizable and focuses on the body language components that are most relevant to your team and industry. (Think Potato Head–we take the pieces we like and put them together to build a training tailored to you.)

This training covers the building blocks of nonverbal communication including:

  • Trust Indicators
  • First impressions
  • Purposeful Gazing
  • Fronting 

Master your charisma in person and online with tools and techniques that flow from virtual to real life.

Unleash your body language superpower and ability to influence people without even saying a word!

This engaging presentation teaches you the basics of body language and gives you actionable tools and strategies to feel more confident interacting with others.

Learn how to:

In a world so focused on the words we say, learn how your body can support your message.


We live in a virtual world. If Web 2.0, Zoom and the metaVerse aren’t yet part of your vernacular – they will be. Engaging with others virtually requires a different set of skills than when interacting in person.

This presentation covers the “must haves” when virtually communicating!


Fun Fact: A microexpression is a very brief, involuntary facial expression made during an intense emotional feeling.

Did you know that there are seven microexpressions?

Being able to read them makes you a more effective and perceptive communicator (aka the secret sauce to making someone feel seen and heard!)

During this training you will:

This powerful people skill is a must-have in your communication toolbox. Decoding these expressions will make you a superhero to your team and clients – allowing you to respond to others in real-time with empathy and compassion.

It’s time to learn the 7 microexpressions!


“I cannot recommend Kristin enough – I have had the pleasure of coordinating two presentations with her, and both were a tremendous success! We received such great feedback from our attorneys about Kristin’s body language presentation. Her delivery and the content she provides is so insightful and thoughtfully put together. Our law firm will definitely be seeking Kristin’s expertise for more presentations in the future!”

— Taft Law
“Kristin created a terrific custom presentation for our professional association. In preparing for the program, she took the time to really understand our group’s purpose and goals, and asked insightful questions to craft content that would be most useful to us. She is an engaging and energetic speaker, and left us with useful, concrete tips for how we could use body language and nonverbal communication to achieve our professional goals. Any individual or group could benefit from Kristin’s expertise!”
— President | Minnesota Legal Career Professionals

“Kristin is an amazing person and fantastic speaker! She spoke at our Emerging Issues Conference – and kept all the information she presented informative and entertaining. Kristin kept our conference attendees very interested in her presentation – and her abilities showed through in the great responses we received on our attendees conference surveys. If you are looking for a dynamic speaker that can keep your group engaged and eager to participate – I highly recommend reaching out to her – she also graciously accommodated our last minute agenda changes. I’ve referred her to several other future events/organizations. I’m truly excited to attend another event that she presents at – and would love to continue to learn from her and the exciting insight she provides.”

— BEAR Construction Company MKE

“I attended Kristin Bock’s presentation “Leveraging Your Body Language Superpowers” this past February. I enjoyed the energy she brought to the training, and how she adapted body language to the virtual world we all found ourselves in the past year and a half. I took away great things from a virtual presenting and learning standpoint that I shared within our organization, including how to engage an audience who has “Zoom fatigue”! I highly recommend attending one of her trainings.”

— Performa | Director of Engagement

“Kristin definitely met our expectations! Her program regarding being aware of your online body language was excellent. Her material was very useful as so many of us are regularly working and presenting online. Kristin’s presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. She was friendly, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and relaxed. She inspired and motivated members.”

— CIC, CRM M3 Insurance
“While I was aware of the importance of body language, the time that we spent preparing helped me be more mindful during my online presentations. When Kristin presented to the Rotarians, I picked up a few more gems. Kristin is the breath fresh air that we need to help combat zoom-fatigue.”
— Computer Professional

“Twice now I have had the pleasure and opportunity bring in Kristin Bock to speak at the N.E.W. Women’s Business Summit. The first time was in March, 2020 and then again this year I asked her to come back due to the enormous request of those who either attended her session two years prior or missed it and wanted to hear her message. Kristin is a dynamic and engaging speaker and clearly a subject matter expert in the body language space. In every presentation I have heard her do, she brings comfort along with a delightful sense of humor that just adds to her ability to engage with the audience. I would highly recommend her for any event as her topic is always relevant to anyone who has the pleasure and opportunity to hear her.”

— MS weHub LLC | Founder

“We recently had Kristin as the keynote at our Future Fox Cities Career Expo. We asked her to speak to over 2200 eighth graders and over 500 high school students about making a good first impression. With the last two years being a difficult time for students to engage with local companies – the timing of Kristin’s presentation to these students couldn’t have come at a better time. She’s funny, relatable, and knows how to engage her audience. Her presentation was interactive and informative. We have gotten rave reviews from the teachers who brought their students – she prepared the students to have confidence as they stepped into the expo center and had meaningful interactions with organizations that may end up being their future employers.”

— Fox Cities Chamber of Commerce | Senior Director of Events & Marketing
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