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Meridith Elliott Powell – Economy & the Consumer

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Competitive, challenging and constantly shifting – that is today’s marketplace! To grow and compete you need a new set of strategies a new approach. You need to see the big picture. Understand external trends. Implement strategy with one-hand tied behind your back.

Success belongs to the professional who is ready to buck the status quo. One who sees change as opportunity rather than a threat. The professional who can balance razor like focus with the flexibility to leverage uncertainty. It’s time – Courageously ask the hard questions. Increase your agility. Redefine then claim your position in the marketplace

In this high-powered keynote we will cover:

  • The innovative secrets to thriving in uncertainty
  • Powerful strategies to anticipate change and create opportunity
  • Cutting-edge tactics to increase your value in the marketplace
  • Proven strategies for accelerating growth and gaining competitive advantage
  • Vigorous plan for flawless execution
  • The economy isn’t just “down”— it’s changed. Traditional approaches to networking, marketing and client loyalty don’t work anymore. To thrive in this new economy, you need a new approach. In this high-energy, interactive session, you will:

  • Get three must-have strategies for turning this new economy into your economy
  • Find out how to get out of the pricing war and start winning trust and value
  • Discover a powerful new approach to winning clients that you can implement first thing Monday morning!
  • Success in today’s economy requires every employee to fully engage, take ownership and drive results. The challenge? According to Gallup, 7 out of 10 workers report being “checked out.” Throwing money at the issue doesn’t help—you need culture change. In this powerful, interactive session, you’ll discover:

  • Why a fully engaged workforce is the only competitive advantage you have left
  • Why current employee engagement programs are failing, and why cultures of employee innovation work
  • The three key strategies you need to implement a culture of employee innovation and motivation
  • In an overly connected world, real connection is more important than ever to your bottom line. Your success – and your competitive advantage – depends on your ability to build and expand your network. In this upbeat, interactive session, Meridith shows you:

  • How to get powerful Return on Investment (ROI) from networking
  • The tips natural networkers use to make networking easier and more effective
  • A new, innovative approach that takes the “edge” off the networking process
  • How to get energized and motivated about networking!
  • Where would your company be if every team member – regardless of title – focused on caring for clients and growing the business? In today’s economy, what you offer isn’t as important as how you offer it. How you care for clients is your competitive advantage. In this interactive session, you’ll learn:

  • Why and how sales are lost when only front line personnel care for clients
  • The steps to both engage and skill-up your entire team around business development
  • How to get powerful ROI by creating a partnership between your front line and back office teams
  • How to turn every department in your organization into a revenue producer!
  • Success today requires a new set of skills and strategies to get ahead, and to make this economy work. No longer does the professional who is most aggressive and most competitive win. Today’s market place, and today’s clients demand more; professionals who listen, are highly responsive, collaborative and put their interests ahead of their own. This is a relationship economy were your ability to be patient is a virtue, and your ability to really connect and care about clients is your competitive advantage.

    To succeed in the current market place, it is time to embrace tap your feminine side, tap into your natural skills, and build new ones to up your game and make this economy start working for you. During this high-powered session you will:

  • Understand how this economy has changed, consumers have changed, and the impact that has on business growth today
  • Learn the power of women both in buying power, and as leaders and their relationship to business growth
  • Gain information on the natural skills women have, and how to use them to succeed in this economy, as well as what women can do to “up their game” and take things to the next level
  • Learn how to take responsibility and build your career from the bottom up while understanding the importance of and how to share the strategy to both foster female leaders, and female clients
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