Most Talked About Topics in the Black Community

Posted by Alexis Washington

The month of February is also designated as “Black History Month,”  — a time to reflect and honor the influential figures from the Black community who helped shape America as it is today. From the Civil Rights Movement to today’s political climate, the voices of the Black community are vital to enabling change in our world…


Our Black speakers continue that tradition, by incorporating their unique perspectives into the following topics:


  1. Activism
  2. Diversity & Inclusion
  3. Education
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Health & Wellness
  6. Leadership
  7. LGBTQ
  8. Overcoming Adversity
  9.  Politics
  10.   Religion & Spirituality
  11.   Science
  12.   Sports Stars
  13.   Story Telling
  14.   Stress Management
  15.   Youth Issues



Yassmin Abdel-Magied has embodied activist mentality all her life, advocating for the empowerment of youth, women, and those from racially, culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Yassmin is passionate about making ‘diversity’ the norm, and takes action to implement this message in her sphere of influence. At the age of 16, she founded the Youth Without Borders organization to empower young people to reach their full potential. At 24, she wrote her own coming-of-age-memoir. Yassmin will continue her mission to making the world a more equal place one change at a time through speaking to people about motivation, empowerment and women’s issues.


Sociologist, Bertice Berry, has used humor as activism to spread her messages on diversity and inclusion nation wide. Many of her keynote presentations emphasize the importance of finding your purpose in life, as well as leading others into their own purpose. Through this mission, Dr. Berry encourages her audiences to defy stereotypes, generalizations or clichés in order to find your true and authentic self. Dr. Berry takes an active role in promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion by helping families, raise funds for scholarships, and provide resource information to low-income families.



Donna Brazile continues to leave her mark on history through educating people in her work with politics around the country. Brazile has been in the political world since the age of nine, working to elect a City Council candidate who she admired. After working on every presidential campaign from 1976 through 2000, she eventually became the first African-American to manage a presidential campaign. Now, Brazile works to stir political passion among young people, speaking at over 185 college universities on topics such as “Inspiring Civility in American Politics,” “Race Relations in the Age of Obama,” and “Women in American Politics.”



Former basketball coach Ken Carter presents messages to his audiences rich in accountability, integrity, teamwork and leadership to succeed both on and off the court. Specifically, Coach Carter’s influence on academics among high school players is still evident. Carter single-handedly turned around his players lives’ implementing weekly tutoring for his players and overall raising their GPA’s. Today, the Coach Ken Carter Foundation still works to develop, promote and provide education, training and mentoring programs for minority youths. Carter’s emphasis on education has helped shaped the lives and futures of many students and young people across the globe.



Dr. Rachael Ross’s messages are far reaching being a regular on the daytime talk show The Doctors, as well as a practicing family physician. Dr. Ross speaks mostly about sexual education, hoping to better prepare young teens to practice safe sex. Through social media, television, and numerous publications, Ross is able to educate her audiences on groundbreaking discussions about relationships, sex, abstinence, HIV/AIDS prevention, and vaccine safety. For Ross, the practice of medicine is about tailoring to meet patients individual needs to keep them happy, healthy, and informed.



The Three Doctors consisting of Drs. Sampson Davis, Ramek Hunt, and George Jenkins serve as leaders to the black community. Using personal narratives about their journeys from inner-city teens to reaching their dream of becoming physicians, The Three Doctors stand in society as role models to anyone working to overcome adversity. They share the foundational elements they all needed to thrive in their environment growing up: inspiration, dedication, and determination. Ultimately, The Three Doctors assure their audience that, “Strength comes from knowing that the power to overcome adversity and prevail lies within one’s self and you have to first realize that. Once realized, you have to accept accountability for your life and take the necessary steps to turn hopes and dreams into realities.”



Deemed one of the most influential leaders of her generation, Rebecca Walker contributes to the global conversation about identity, power, and the evolution of the human family through books, lectures, blogs, etc. Walkers works to open up new dimensions on the topic of race and gender, arts and culture, and politics and power. Her vision for the future is one of change, and inspires those around her to help redefine these topics. To truly overcome the adversity Walker and millions of others face, she challenges and encourages audiences to embrace a new consciousness in human relationships, so that they collectively forge a path to peaceful existence.


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Posted by Alexis Washington
Alexis Washington writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips and tricks for corporate meeting planners. If you need a guest professional speaker or corporate entertainer for your next convention or conference, you can visit

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