Sheryl Connelly

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Leading Futurist & Global Consumer Trends Expert, Legendary Chief Futurist

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To Listen Is To Live
Futurist At Ford Motor

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In this talk leading futurist and global consumer trends expert Sheryl Connelly leads a comprehensive journey into the world of artificial intelligence and helps audiences decode AI and the possibilities it presents to their organizations and industries. She helps groups uncover the marvels that propel innovation, confront the challenges that demand our attention, and embrace the responsibilities inherent in the AI landscape.

This presentation intricately weaves positive transformations, ethical considerations, and strategic insights to provide a comprehensive guide for business leaders navigating the complexities of AI adoption. Together with the audience, Sheryl decodes the nuances — balancing the allure of innovation with the practical considerations that define responsible AI leadership.

In this compelling look at the generational cohorts, Sheryl Connelly examines the distinct characteristics of each generation — X’s resilience, Y’s tech-savviness, and Z’s digital nativism. Explore why business leaders should care as we Connelly breaks down the impact of generational traits on consumer behavior, workplace dynamics, and market trends. On this journey through the ABCs that hold the keys to understanding and engaging diverse generations for business success, she shares valuable insights that will empower leaders to tailor strategies, foster inclusive environments, and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Sheryl Connelly, former Chief Futurist of Ford Motor Company, unveils a proven framework for how anyone at any level of the organization can think like a futurist. In this captivating session, Connelly will share her unparalleled expertise on how leaders and their teams can anticipate trends, identify opportunities, and navigate uncertainty as they work to position their organizations for long-term success.

Groups will learn to embrace a futurist mindset — gaining insights into strategic foresight, scenario planning, and the art of connecting seemingly disparate dots to create incredible breakthroughs. Discover why business leaders, innovators, and decision-makers should adopt a futurist lens to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

This is not your regular presentation. Rather, it is transformative interactive workshop where business leaders are invited to embark on a journey of challenging orthodoxies. Using the same hands-on techniques she applied as the Chief Futurist of automotive powerhouse Ford Motor Company, Sherly Connelly helps audiences uncover the hidden potential for innovation by questioning long-standing beliefs and conventional wisdom.

Participants will learn the art of disrupting traditional norms to fuel creativity and drive strategic breakthroughs. This workshop isn’t just a departure from the norm — it’s a critical exercise for leaders seeking to navigate today’s dynamic landscape.

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