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Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, Dad, consultant and speaker

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Acquiring, engaging and maintaining talent is the most important function of any leader. This in-demand presentation gives attendees real ways to attract and acquire the best team members, develop them daily, and keep star players in place in an increasingly competitive talent market and multi-generational workforce.

This engaging presentation based on the best-selling book shows full-service restaurant leaders ways to engage teams in the crucial tasks of growing sales, developing loyal regulars and creating genuine, personal and repeatable connections and unique dining experiences for your Guests.

Do you ever feel like you’ve worked your butt off in your business, then get home at the end of the day (or night) exhausted and feel you actually accomplished little? Have you ever had to solve the same problem more than once? Once a week? A shift?

This presentation gives leaders tools for eliminating distraction and moving their teams and businesses forward daily.

In this highly engaging and informative session, Tim teaches franchisees, unit managers, and independent operators Local Store Marketing skills for the new millennium. Rather than the same old list of discounts and gimmicks, attendees will learn how to impact the very foundations of what customers value in ways that transfer into higher sales, loyalty and social evangelism.

Reopening, Resetting, Rethinking, and Recharging Our Businesses

The COVID-19 crisis has delivered a devastatingly costly lesson to the hospitality industry, our brands, and our team members. It could only be worse if we don’t learn anything from it. As we reopen, we must also take this opportunity to reset, rethink, and recharge. The teams and brands that use this time to learn new ways to succeed will not only survive…they will dominate. As we’ve learned, change can come to your business in unexpected ways you can’t control…but it can also come in ways you CAN control. In this interactive workshop, leading industry consultant and CEO of Renegade Hospitality Group, Tim Kirkland will explore important observations and lessons from across industry segments and around the country on how to use this challenging time to make changes that will improve business fundamentals and profitability, reengage customer bases, and help operators come back stronger and smarter.

Here are some of the ideas Tim will cover:

  • How did we get here?

What are the factors that made the restaurant industry one of – if not THE most – vulnerable in the country? One so fragile that many restaurants were forced to shutter just a few weeks into the pandemic? How can we use this disruption to hit the reset button and address the mistakes we as an industry have allowed to erode profits and change consumer behaviors over the past two decades?

  • The Advantage of Adaptability

Disruption is hard. It’s also a unique and valuable opportunity for innovation and positive change. The most successful brands moving forward will be the ones most adaptive to change and disruption. Rather than struggling to get back to “normal,” we should be focusing on productive adjustments that will save us now and serve us in the future. This seminar explores the values of Technical versus Adaptive Leadership. Tim will help you identify ways to innovate in the areas of Product, Packaging, Profit Centers, and Pivoting to Delivery & Takeout.

  • Managing Guest Experience & Expectations

Traditional hospitality has been fundamentally changed during this crisis. Where face-to-face service was once our primary chance to engage our Guests, make memorable impressions, and drive loyalty…more frequently, we are engaging them online, over the phone, and smiling through masks. What are some new ways to ‘wow’ Guests and earn their return?

  • Team & Training Transformation
  • How can you take advantage of this time to improve culture & commitment and teach your team how to sell more, serve better, and inspire loyalty in a new service landscape?
  • How has your training changed based on the evolving realties of your business?
  • How can you practice Adaptive Leadership at the shift level?
  • What do your team members need from you during this time?


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