Tyler Cohen Wood

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Nationally recognized cyber security, intelligence, national security expert and former Director of cyber risk management for AT&T

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The media is awash with seemingly daily reports of more and more serious cyber-attacks. We are losing the battle with cybersecurity and will continue to in the future unless we make critical and fundamental shifts to our paradigm. Cybersecurity leaders agree that the field has become one in which we find ourselves in a constant reactive loop, where we’re putting out fires without truly identifying underlying problems. Without addressing the problems, how can we even begin to address the solutions?

This presentation will closely align the disconnects and critical failures facing cybersecurity with another industry that has achieved pockets of excellence that go a long way to mitigating failure. Through Wood’s extensive background in multiple aspects of cybersecurity and her experience navigating another equally complex field, she will use her expertise and unique storytelling approach to share how to truly understand cyber challenges in order to fully address the bigger picture with concrete solutions. Through analogies and case studies, Wood will detail the major cyber problems businesses face today and demonstrate how, by employing a new model and paradigm, we can begin to solve the cybersecurity and workforce problems today and those on the threat horizon of tomorrow.

With cyberattacks already at a critical level, it’s important to understand specific active threats, who’s carrying them out, what is being done and what else can be done about it. Cyber threats have cyber war is being waged today, we can take tactical preventative measures to stave off a lurking disaster that could potentially put a company out of business.

In today’s quickly evolving connected world where business is more frequently done on the go using mobile, IoT and many other smart devices, cyber threats are more of a risk to corporations than ever. What are the threats to businesses and just how realistic are they? Can they really happen? How can we ensure we are armed with the knowledge to protect corporate assets and critical business infrastructure from increasingly aggressive threat actors? Many businesses know that the threats are out there but aren’t sure what to do about it or even how to begin to tackle the problem at hand.

This presentation will focus on the real cyber-attacks being enacted today against businesses of all sizes, and what can be done about them. We’ll cover the current threat landscape and the ever-looming threat horizon of corporate cyber risk. We’ll also explore how the unique challenges of remote work using connected devices, implants, and A.I. affect business cybersecurity. At the end of the presentation the audience will have a close understanding of the main threat actors, the threats themselves and how to protect businesses against them.

What attendees will learn from this presentation:

  • The types of cyber-attacks being carried out against corporations and business infrastructure
  • Concrete counter-measures that can be enacted to protect business assets from cyber threats
  • How to be prepared for a worst-case scenario
  • There’s been a murder! After detailed forensic data collection, law enforcement officials begin to piece together the facts. They parse through physical data, social media, digitally collected data from witnesses and suspects and other open source intelligence (OSINT) to attempt to piece together the “who done it and why” in order to solve what seems to be an unsolvable case.

We know that social media, digital devices, and apps we rely on collect information on us. But do we know exactly what that means or just how comprehensive and intimate that data is? Most terms of service will tell you exactly what is collected and that apps have the right to distribute collected content to third parties, usually to make your service better. What isn’t said is how the data is put together, the impact that it can have at the personal, company and national security levels and what form future collection techniques might take. This presentation will show just how vast the scope of information collection is now and how it will be in the future. We’ll also demonstrate how, when pieced together in the right order, data can even solve a seemingly unsolvable crime.


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