Baseball Speakers – Lessons Learned From the Diamond

Posted by Sheldon Senek

Some Of Our Best Baseball Speakers

As MLB sportscaster Ernie Harwell said, “Baseball is a lot like life. It is a day to day existence, full of ups and downs. You make the most of your opportunities in baseball as you do in life.”

Baseball speakers offer a unique perspective, bringing lessons learned from the game into board rooms, classrooms, and conferences. There is a lot to be learned from baseball. If a strategy makes someone successful on the field, it can often help them off-field too. These successful motivational speakers also bring star power to events. Their involvement motivates people to attend.

We have a wide variety of baseball speakers from which you can choose. And we’re always working to connect our clients with the speakers, entertainers, and presenters who will create the impact you need. Here are a few highlights from our rosters.

Jim “The Rookie” Morris: Celebrity Captivation

You, and your audience, might recognize Jim Morris from the Disney film, The Rookie. Morris, played by Dennis Quaid in the movie, tried out for the big leagues as a 35-year-old teacher to motivate his students. Clearly, he has a long history of inspiration behind him! Morris ultimately went to a Tampa Bay Devil Rays tryout, throwing 12 consecutive 98-mph fastballs. In his first MLB game playing with the Rays, he struck out Texas Ranger Royce Clayton, the first hitter he faced.

Now an author and motivational speaker, Morris translates his unlikely baseball experience into a tale of overcoming challenges to reach goals and dreams.

Jim Abbott: Rising Up to Be Victorious

Jim Abbott was not only a successful MLB pitcher, nor just the inexperienced MLB rookie who won more games in his first year than any other inexperienced player. Abbott accomplished all of that, and more, with one hand.

Born without a right hand, he overcome challenges and adversity to attend the University of Michigan on a baseball scholarship. He later joined Team USA, becoming the first American pitcher in 25 years to beat a Cuban team on Cuban soil. He led the US to its first Olympic Gold medal in baseball, and began his MLB career without any minor league experience.

Now, Abbot is a baseball speaker, teaching others how to ADAPT with Adjustability, Determination, Accountability, Perseverance, Trust.

Jessica Mendoza: Women in Leadership

Jessica Mendoza is one of the baseball speakers who knows both sides of the field. An analyst for ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball, Mendoza is:

  • the first female analyst for a nationally televised MLB postseason game
  • the first female ESPN MLB game analyst, and
  • the first female analyst for a men’s college World Series telecast.

All of that analysis comes from experience. Mendoza was a two-time Olympian and gold and silver medalist, a celebrated former member of the US Women’s National Softball team, and a three-time world champion and World Cup champion. An excellent speaker, Mendoza is particularly well-suited when you want to showcase a woman in leadership, what it takes to become an Olympian, and how to overcome challenges and barriers women and other minorities face to become successful.

Dave Dravecky: Faith, Courage, and Endurance

Dave Dravecky is a baseball star, an amputee, and a cancer survivor. He has a compelling message about overcoming adversity and persevering, based on his own life story.

Dravecky left the MLB at the height of his career thanks to the discovery of cancer and the removal of half the deltoid muscle in his pitching arm. Against all odds, he came back after the battle to pitch in the major leagues again, but fractured the same arm just days later. Further complications led to the amputation of the arm, his shoulder blade, and part of his collarbone.

With his life’s focus gone, Dravecky had to find his self worth again and develop a new identity. Now he shares this story and its lessons with his audiences, providing a powerful message of encouragement and overcoming challenges to do things that feel impossible at the time.

Hiring Baseball Speakers for Your Organization

These speakers are a sample of the many talented, engaging presenters we have within our bureau. With a wide range of baseball speakers from every demographic, numerous worldwide locations, and at various speaking-fee levels to meet your budget, you can rely on Eagles Talent to connect you with the right athlete speaker to make a difference for your audience.

Ready to bring baseball speakers to your event? Call us at 1-800-345-5607, email [email protected], or use the contact form on our website to let us know what you need.

Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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