10 Change Management Speakers You Can Book Today

Posted by Bruce Tulgan

Change Management Speakers To Consider

Leading change within an organization requires a certain skill-set, not only from yourself but from other leaders and managers within the business.

Change can only be as effective as those that drive it, so it’s important to understand the best way to inspire change that results in success.

A great way to understand how to lead effectively and to gain the right tools for the job is by learning from an expert in the field. Luckily, change is an ever-important keynote speaker idea, and there are a number of change management speakers that you can book for your conference or event today. Their expertise means they are able to inspire meaningful change from within your organization and achieve the success your business deserves.

Here are ten of the best change management speakers available:

Annabel Beerel

A Change Management Executive, Annabel has taught a range of leadership classes for MBA’s and Senior Executives.

Her methods work by allowing her audience the opportunity to exercise leadership in real time and to analyze its effectiveness. Her critical insights into the complexity of managing a diverse workforce enable individuals to understand how to manage it effectively.

Ichak Adizes

Dr. Adizes has developed a unique method on “How to Lead Change Without Destructive Conflict” that’s applicable to any area of an individual’s life.

A learned professor and best-selling author, Dr. Adizes, can deliver his lectures in four languages. He is one of the world’s leading experts on improving business performance.

Shawn Achor

Shawn is an expert in positive psychology and uses this methodology to provide leaders with practical tools to keep their workers engaged and motivated with a focus on reducing stress in the workplace.

His approach is humorous and interactive, making him an individual that audiences enjoy engaging with.

Janet Lapp

If you’re looking for a high-energy presentation that focuses on overcoming challenges and obstacles, then Janet is the speaker for you.

A former professor, Janet has been inspiring audiences all over the world for over 25 years. She is an expert in guiding high-performing individuals and organizations through change. Her humorous and compassionate approach makes it easy to see why she is so successful at what she does.

Mark Devolder

The Change Specialist himself, Mark has dedicated his whole career to managing change in the most effective ways possible. With numerous awards to his name and huge organizations and companies under his belt it’s no wonder why he is in such high demand.

Mark has worked with leaders from all corners of the globe and with huge organizations such as NASA. His words inspire individuals while giving them future strategies to lead more sustainable and engaging lives.

John Austin

John has worked with numerous global Fortune 500 companies and is the president of Three Translation Leadership.

An award-winning teacher, John, can effectively develop leaders to successfully navigate all aspects of change management and allow them to release their full potential.

Hattie Hill

With over 20 years experience, Hattie’s change management knowledge is on another level! International management consultant, businesswoman, author, professional speaker – you name it, and Hattie Hill has probably done it.

She provides her audiences with tools and skills, enabling them to think outside the box, think bigger and better, and break through barriers.

Thomas D. Zweifel

Thomas is a multi-topic business speaker with a flair for leadership. His presentations are packed full of useful content as well as proven techniques and methodology from a global standpoint.

As a highly successful businessman and innovator in his industry, Thomas is a passionate individual who can adjust his content to suit the audience perfectly.

Lisa Bodell

A global leader in changing behaviors, Lisa teaches her audiences that simplicity is key.

An overly complex organization stifles innovation and change, and her method is to show how a business can free itself by simplifying and streamlining its practices.

Dynamic and through-provoking, Lisa’s presentations equip her audiences with the right tools to lead change through simplicity.

Jackie Freiberg

As an international best-selling author, Jackie is an acclaimed leadership expert whose skills lie in showing how an organization can break down barriers and create success.

Jackie does not believe in “off the shelf” speeches, so when you book her, you are guaranteed a presentation that is custom created for your audiences needs guaranteeing its effectiveness and giving a lasting positive impact.

Driving organizational change needn’t be a burden when you enlist the expertise of one of these highly skilled change management speakers. By giving you the right tools, you can become the leader you’ve always aspired to be and steer your organization through a successful and profitable change that leaves you – and your staff full of positivity and passion.

Posted by Bruce Tulgan
Bruce Tulgan is the best-selling author of numerous books including Not Everyone Gets a Trophy (Revised & Updated, 2016), Bridging the Soft Skills Gap (2015), The 27 Challenges Managers Face (2014), and It’s Okay to be the Boss (Revised & Updated, 2014). He is the founder and CEO of RainmakerThinking, Inc., a management research and training firm, as well as, an online training service. Bruce has written for the New York Times, the Harvard Business Review, HR Magazine, Training Magazine, and the Huffington Post. Follow Bruce on Twitter @BruceTulgan, or visit his website at

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