Erica Orange

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Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Future Hunters

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Erica Orange – The Future Hunters
A Futurist Predicts How We Could Live, Work And Travel After The Pandemic

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We develop 24 new trend-based themes for our retainer clients every year. These themes are very specific, targeted and interesting.

This lecture builds upon the idea that we are currently undergoing a fundamental transformation and restructuring of the global economy. We outline the 10 growth areas of The Metaspace Economy, and what those mean for client businesses or lecture audiences.

The techniques that help you think about the future differently. This instructs audiences to permanently change their way of thinking about future trends and how best to develop actionable strategies to capitalize on those trends. This lecture includes real-world, practical examples of each of the thinking technologies.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics will be responsible for automating and disintermediating an increasing number of global human workers. Some fear an era of technological unemployment, in which we are essentially invented out of work, and the total number of jobs declines steadily and permanently. But more realistically, we must get comfortable with the fact that jobs are changing. As such, competitiveness in a post-COVID world will rely on the creation of an entirely new skills and competencies framework to ensure that we have the thinking required to solve the big issues that are arising now and in the future. This session will introduce Erica Orange’s framework called: The Competency Tree. Critical aspects of include nimble, adaptable, and flexible thinking. And perhaps most importantly in today’s world, human resiliency.


Some key questions to consider (and to be discussed) include:

  • How will COVID-19 speed up the use of robots to replace human workers?
  • How will companies expand how they use robots to increase social distancing?
  • How will COVID-19 change perceptions of trust?
  • How will the fast-tracking of digital transformations impact the future of work?
  • What might some of the biggest lessons and takeaways be when the dust settles?
  • What are some of the “silver linings”/opportunities that may emerge from the first truly acute worldwide crisis in generations?
  • How do we being to reimagine our businesses, products, services and systems?

Topics and Expertise

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“I would say that she was engaging, entertaining, funny, and very smart. She kept the audience engaged and in the room the whole time. Her information was very valuable as well. We are very happy that we picked her.”

— Razor Technologies

“Erica’s talk was a hit. It really had our attendees thinking about the many possibilities ahead, and the talk sent them off to their professional development sessions with ‘eyes wide open’. She had a great command of the content and the research-based information earned our audience’s respect and attention right from the start. It worked out splendidly!”

— Carrie Grapenthin, Director, Corporate Communications & Integrated Marketing , Navigate

“Erica came beautifully prepared and discussed the importance of examining topics from a fresh and innovative perspective. She was creative, articulate, astute and was able to give the students examples that they could relate to. I would definitely use Erica again.”

— Mary Manning, President, Manning & Associates

“Erica’s lively, engaging delivery was a great way to energize our first session.”

— Loraine Koepenick, Coordinator of Member Services, INPACT Americas (International Alliance of Professional Accountants)
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