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Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, The Future Hunters

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Erica Orange – The Future Hunters
A Futurist Predicts How We Could Live, Work And Travel After The Pandemic

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Since 2008, what we’ve experienced was (and still is) a fundamental global economic transformation. Economic transformations are brought about by the convergences of new technologies that create efficiencies in existing businesses, create whole new ones, replace work and workers and open entirely new vistas. This has lead to a world of templosion — the idea that the biggest of things/events are happening in shorter periods of time. Everything is becoming more abbreviated and compressed.

The circumstances of the last 3 years accelerated many previously developing trends at an exponential pace (e.g., distributed + hybridized work; increased use of AI, etc.) It also magnified existing issues (e.g., the limits of short-term thinking; changes in trade, technology, finance – including the risks inherent in supply chains, etc.) What this underscores is the critical importance of long-term thinking and strategic foresight.

Artificial intelligence (AI), smart systems, robotics, and the rise of deep learning and the neural net will be responsible for disintermediating an increasing number of global human workers in the future. But it will not always signal technology’s complete displacement of humans from the equation. More likely, at least in the near-term, is that automated labor will work alongside human labor and the two will reinforce one another to make the combination more productive. It is not just about automation, but augmentation. And not just about replacement, but enhancement.

Generations have long been grouped in birth year cohorts of 15-20 years. But generations are now seemingly refreshing every 2-3 years. Technology is changing so rapidly that kids only a few years apart struggle to have the same cultural and technological frames of reference. Today’s youth are not just digital natives, they are “Cybrids” – cyber hybrids – who have a symbiotic relationship with the digital world from an early age. Understanding what makes this generation tick is critical for understanding retention & recruitment, talent management, advertising/marketing, and education/learning.

An economy built around capturing and maintaining consumer attention has long been building. Attention has been assigned monetary value, as has time. But what is beginning to shift is the way in which we assign financial value to people, and more specifically, to consumers. Going beyond attention, consumer influence is now being bought, traded, and sold much like stocks in the stock market. The growth of a Human Stock Exchange (HSE) is collapsing human traits, creations and personalities into a currency, exposing what we are willing to pay for, invest in and monetize.

The metaverse is slowly becoming mainstream. For entrants in this new “wild west,” the metaverse is not about creating virtual interpretations of real-life products or services. Rather it’s about uncoupling these things from their physical environments and entirely reimagining the experience. It’s also important to note that the metaverse is cleaving in two. One is the consumer-centric version. Another focuses on organizational replication and is known as the “enterprise metaverse” – essentially, a digital copy of the physical economy. Unlike the metaverse, which is populated mostly by human avatars, the corporate version is largely a collection of objects. Digital twins – virtual 3D representation synchronized with physical things or processes – are driving much of this growth.

Future competitiveness will rely on the creation of an entirely new skills and competencies framework. To ensure that we have the thinking required to solve the big issues that will arise in the future, we need to start viewing and training for these skills and competencies as interconnected. Our proprietary Competency Tree is meant to serve as a modeling outline to help visualize how might we future-proof the human workforce to make them more innovative than ever. It can also be used as a tool to help reconfigure retention and recruitment strategies.

As leaders navigate an evolving new work landscape, the one critical piece ripe for redefinition is culture. How can forward-thinking organizations design and execute the conditions for truly effective culture in a hybridized environment? How can it be reimagined in a more human-centric way? Organizations that treat their people with greater fairness, empathy and consideration, while removing the obstacles that prevent them from doing their best work will emerge among the winners.

Time has become our greatest asset; it is the new currency. Leveraging it in innovative ways is, and will continue to be, a distinct competitive advantage. But beyond time, two other critical luxuries are emerging: trust + truth.

Trust: There is a growing vacuum of trust. And that vacuum is giving new urgency not just to transparency but ho Honesty in everything from ESG principles to employment practices to corporate values and ethics. But trust is getting harder to define because trust is fluid. Building stakeholder trust will be an ongoing process. It must be something that becomes fully engrained into the ethos of the company. Consumers will pay a premium for things they can trust, and there will be new value in trusted human-to-human relationships.

Truth: The distortion of the truth is being exacerbated by a climate of rampant distrust and mis-, dis- and mal-information. We are operating in a world in which different versions of reality battle to see which gains our momentary attention. That reality might be based on established truths – or it might be based on falsities…and perhaps it doesn’t even matter because increasingly we are living in a world without proof. Fairness, integrity and authenticity will rise in importance.


“I would say that she was engaging, entertaining, funny, and very smart. She kept the audience engaged and in the room the whole time. Her information was very valuable as well. We are very happy that we picked her.”

— Razor Technologies

“Erica’s talk was a hit. It really had our attendees thinking about the many possibilities ahead, and the talk sent them off to their professional development sessions with ‘eyes wide open’. She had a great command of the content and the research-based information earned our audience’s respect and attention right from the start. It worked out splendidly!”

— Carrie Grapenthin, Director, Corporate Communications & Integrated Marketing , Navigate

“Erica came beautifully prepared and discussed the importance of examining topics from a fresh and innovative perspective. She was creative, articulate, astute and was able to give the students examples that they could relate to. I would definitely use Erica again.”

— Mary Manning, President, Manning & Associates

“Erica’s lively, engaging delivery was a great way to energize our first session.”

— Loraine Koepenick, Coordinator of Member Services, INPACT Americas (International Alliance of Professional Accountants)
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