Janine Stange

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Motivational Speaker, Singer & Media Personality

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Disruption isn’t going away any time soon. To thrive in constant change, we must foster resilience, purpose and agility to rise to every challenge. In this high-impact 45-60 minute keynote, Janine shares her proven 5-step “Momentum Mindset” framework for staying focused and empowered during turbulence.

Attendees will discover how to:

  • Reconnect with their unique talents and unshakeable purpose
  • Make courageous choices aligned with strategic priorities
  • Remove obstacles and accelerate growth
  • Rally their teams around an inspiring vision of the future
  • Transform adversity into their advantage

Janine’s keynote culminates in an interactive “Mountain Toss” exercise where attendees commit to bold action on their top goals. They’ll leave empowered by their “Momentum Mindset” and equipped to achieve repeatable wins, even in chaos. Through powerful storytelling and actionable takeaways, Janine inspires leaders to embrace change courageously, find clarity in disruption, and lead their teams to new heights of performance and purpose.

Ideal for annual meetings, sales kickoffs, and leadership retreats. Your team will leave inspired to “Rise Up” and maintain momentum no matter what challenges lie ahead.


Janine takes audiences on a comical and moving journey across the nation, sharing five life lessons instilled by her strong-willed Italian mother. Her own story serves as an example of the need for self-examination and abandoning comfort zones.

Through humor and wisdom, Janine motivates people to make personal changes and give back, inspiring attendees to think big, increase performance, and overcome obstacles. The interactive activity at the end, The Mountain Toss, activates attendees to take action and receives a postcard reminder of the activation.

Key takeaways:

  • If you compromise your values you will ultimately lose
  • If you’ve got time to ‘lean’ you’ve got time to ‘clean’
  • Never let ’em see you sweat
  • Check your blind spots
  • Don’t just say you care, show you care

Janine draws on her own experiences and her strong-willed Italian mother’s teachings to share valuable life lessons. Here are the key takeaways:

  • Stay true to your values to avoid losing sight of your purpose and inspiring other women to do the same.
  • Create systems to maintain balance in challenging times, rather than wasting time.
  • Prepare for challenges by facing fears and doubts head-on, and find practical exercises to build resilience.
  • Identify and address anything that may be distracting from your message by finding an accountability partner.
  • Use your accomplishments to make a positive impact by helping and lifting others.

Each attendee will receive a postcard-sized handout with the quote “Do What You Can With What You’ve Got, Where You Are,” which will be used in a group activity called the “Mountain Toss” at the end of the talk. See an example at the end of her highlight reel – also on many of her instagram reels.

Like most of us, Janine promised to give back, eventually. But as a talented singer, first she wanted to win a Grammy and go on world tour. After her mother’s sudden passing, Stange was devastated, with no anchor. But it was this tragedy that shook her out of her comfort zones. Fueled by the heart-ache and as an homage to her mom, Janine embarked on the mission to sing the National Anthem in all fifty states to raise awareness for the troops.

Janine communicates her own personal patient experience story, as she talks about spending every day with her mom who had stage IV breast cancer. From the chemo-treatments, to hospital and rehab stays, to in-home hospice care, she personally got to witness the importance of every person that took care of her Mom. Attendees will walk away realizing how vigilance and attentiveness is both noticed and appreciated – along with feeling valued, respected, and honored for their own mission in healthcare.


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“Starting the day withJanine, was the perfect way to not only celebrate our nation but also learn of the commitment and drive that lives inside each of us.”


“Her positive, uplifting message gave us all something to carry with us long after the conference ended. “

— School Nutrition Association of North Carolina

Her standing ovation presentation was just what we needed to close our conference. Her story is personal while delivering a strong message. Oh, and that voice, what a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem. We made the right choice in picking Janine!”

— Bank Trainers Conference and Expo

“Let me just say you were a hit! Your message resonated with our agents and the feedback was incredible. I think your talk generated more chat than any other part of our kickoff!”

— Key Realty
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