The Top 10 Motivational Speakers Keynote in 2018


Top Motivational Speakers can inspire your group more than any type of keynote speaker in the world. Some motivational speakers are people who have overcome great odds, grown their businesses to an amazing success -- some start out their day not even planning to be a professional speaker, then suddenly, they do something miraculous and their story takes the nation by storm and their story inspires like no other.

They can be top business speakers, top sports speakers, business CEO's, business entrepreneurs, television stars, best-selling authors. They might even be everyday people with extraordinary stories. Imagine those top motivational speakers appearing at your conference, convention, or lecture series.

Motivate your sales team, inspire your conference attendees, or bring a little inspiration to your audience. At Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau, we work with the most proven motivational speakers and would love to share them with you.


List of the 10 Top Motivational Keynote Speakers of 2018

  This list will get you started with ideas on how you can inspire your audience, spark creativity, or help bring positive energy to your organization.  



motivational speaker Todd Dewett

1. Dr. Todd Dewett

Positive Psychology Expert


 Mallory Brown, Founder of Clothes World Line, Social Entrepreneur

2. Mallory Brown

Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian, World Adventure Traveler


Amelia Rose Earhart, Top Motivational Speaker

3. Amelia Rose Earhart

Motivator, Youngest Woman to Fly Around the World in a Single Engine Plane


Barbara Corcoran Motivational Speaker

4. Barbara Corcoran

Top Shark Tank investor


 Matthew Schrier, Keynote Speaker

5. Matthew Schrier

Freelance Photographer, Al Qaeda Syrian Prison Survivor


Phil Hansen, Motivational Speaker

6. Phil Hansen

Internationally-Recognized Artist, Author, Innovator


 Connie Podesta, Motivational Speakers

7. Connie Podesta

Sales, Leadership expert


Alex Sheen, Motivational Speaker

8. Alex Sheen

First 'Apprentice' Winner, Reality TV Star, Successful Business Person.


Dara Torres Motivational Speaker

9. Dara Torres

12-Time Olympic Medal Swimmer


 Stephanie Decker, Inspiring Motivational Speaker

10. Stephanie Decker

Tornado Hero Mom, lost both legs saving her children. Founder of the Stephanie Decker Foundation

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