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Posted by Sheldon Senek

Risk management can keep your business in business. If you can take precautions to avoid downtime and legal issues, this is energy well spent. It helps businesses and their leaders:

  • Predict or identify risks that others may miss
  • Avoid legal action
  • Reduce business liability

Risk management is something that involves people at various levels and within various departments of an organization. Having an engaging, insightful, and motivational risk management speaker can make your organization better prepared.

Book an entertaining risk management speaker for your seminar or event to get people really engaged with the subject of risk management and how to make improvements for the benefit of the organization and everyone in it. Here are some of our favorite, talented risk management speakers who could transform your event with their unique experiences, knowledge, and styles.

Some Of Our Talented Risk Management Speakers

Judge Glenda Hatchett

Blow your audience away with this celebrity judge. As well as being very recognizable, she has incredible credentials for anyone looking for risk management speakers. She represented Delta Air Lines in labor/personnel and antitrust litigation, and also worked as Public Relations Manager, supervising global crisis management and handling media releations across Europe, Asia, and 50 US cities.

Having served on the boards of three Fortune 500 companies, she has since formed the Hatchett Firm, which specializes in risk and crisis management. With her impressive career and an engaging, conversational style, everyone at your seminar or event will be in capable hands with Judge Glenda Hatchett.

Bob Arno

Bob Arno is the world’s only legal pickpocket. In addition to stealing your purse or wallet, however, he is also very likely to steal the show at your event or seminar. He delivers an experience that is fun, educational, and gets the audience participating. It’s highly visual and funny and makes risk management and security fascinating to any participant.

This keynote speaker knows the latest trends in corporate security. He can help businesses with risk, fraud, and understanding the importance of risk management. His keynotes can even include hidden-camera footage of “in-the-field” undercover operations to exemplify the goals, challenges, and results of risk management. One of our most talented and motivational risk management speakers, Bob can tailor his work to suit the needs of your event or seminar.

Captain Larry Brudnicki

You’ve probably heard of the “The Perfect Storm,” the real-life convergence of storms that created the worst storm in over 100 years. Captain Larry Brudnicki is the real-life captain who performed two rescues during that event.

Who better to talk about risk than someone who has seen extreme risk and had to live with his decisions. Larry has 30 years of experience with the Coast Guard, assessing risks and making informed decisions based on his assessments. He is a great team leader and excellent communicator.

If you’re looking for an experienced and inspiring individual to deliver a message about leadership, risk management, and teamwork during a seminar or event, Captain Larry Brudnicki is one of the risk management speakers for you.

Ian Bremmer

Ian is a political scientist and the president of Eurasia Group. He created Wall Street’s first-ever index of global political risk. You may well have seen him on CNN, Fox News, The BBC, Bloomberg, or MSNBC, where he is a frequent guest. He also hosts GZERO World with Ian Bremmer – “G-Zero” being his term for a situation in which no country can or wishes to set the international agenda.

When it comes to international risk management, Ian is highly sought. His ability to read global political and economic landscapes makes him particularly valuable among risk management speakers for seminars or events. His independent viewpoints and insights will make him an invaluable part of any seminar or event about risk management.

Risk management needs to be taken seriously, but that doesn’t mean that your seminar or event can’t be exciting, interesting, and engaging. With our selection of speakers, including the world’s best risk management speakers, you can make any seminar, event, or conference memorable and fulfilling.

We have diverse corporate speakers from all walks of life. They will energize, educate, and inspire your teams. And we have more than 30 years of experience connecting individuals and organizations with great speakers that can engage audiences and deliver powerful messages.

Give us a try and you’ll see how quickly and painlessly we can make this happen. If you don’t know exactly what you want from your risk management seminar or another event, just get in touch for our guidance.

Posted by Sheldon Senek
Sheldon Senek is the President of Eagles Talent Speakers Bureau and writes about expert keynote speakers and Motivational Speakers, as well as tips for corporate meeting planners.

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