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Ryan Jenkins

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52% of workers say they’re least likely to get along with someone from another generation. And 62% of Generation Z (the generation after Millennials) anticipate challenges working with Baby Boomers and Generation X.

The generational gap at work has never been more daunting. Turn a multigenerational workforce into a competitive advantage.

Ryan brings market-leading insight to help your organization and leaders close the generational gap and improve communication, teamwork, innovation, and more.

A generationally diverse workforce is better equipped to respond to today’s high-flux and disruption-prone marketplace. Since Millennials and Generation Z became a majority of the labor force, generational differences have never been wider as each generation has a varying perspective of work, leadership, communication, success, and technology.

A multigenerational workforce can create stifling challenges or bottomline-boosting advantages. Ryan will share his expert insights into how leaders and organizations can harness the advantages of a generationally diverse team.

Millennials are highly disengaged at work and are leaving companies because of it. Only 29% of employed Millennials are engaged at work and only 50% of Millennials plan to be working at their company 1 year from now.

Optimize the largest generation in the workforce. Ryan equips leaders and managers with proven and practical strategies to dramatically improve the managing, recruiting, retention, and engagement of Millennials.

Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. While they bring valuable skills, insights, and ambition to the workplace, they are often a source for tension among experienced leaders and managers. Ryan shares relevant data and innovative insights to better understand what drives Millennial employee performance. This program provides tactical strategies to dramatically improve the managing, recruiting, retention, and engagement of your Millennials.

62% of Generation Z anticipate challenges working with Baby Boomers and Generation X, and only 5% anticipate challenges working with Millennials. To ensure a cohesive cross-generational team, educators and employers need to understand and integrate Generation Z.

Meet the generation that’s never been offline. Effectively employ or educate the post-Millennial generation. Ryan prepares employers and educators with the innovative insights needed to effectively connect with and engage Generation Z.

Generation Z-born after 1998-is pouring into university classrooms and the workforce. They have an entirely different approach to learning, communication, technology, and work than previous generations (even the Millennials). Growing up enabled and empowered by a tech-heavy and digital world, Generation Z has new strengths, weaknesses, needs, and wants.

Ryan helps educators and employers understand Generation Z and how best to connect and engage this unprecedented generation. This program is packed with practical ways to attract, engage, and lead Generation Z.

Now that 73% of Millennial workers are involved in decisions to purchase products or services for their companies, they are rewriting the rules of B2B sales.

Sales techniques of the past won’t work with Millennials.Ryan brings cutting edge insights into how Millennials have flipped the B2B sales script and how to exceed Millennial buying expectations in order to win new business and secure lasting loyalty.

Millennials buy differently than previous generations. Mobile technology, ubiquitous connectivity, and the social web have forever changed the buying expectations of Millennials. As more Millennials step into decision-making roles, it becomes critical to learn how to effectively connect and sell to this emerging demographic.

Ryan shares how organizations, leaders, and sales producers can adapt in order to win with Millennials. This program is packed with relevant solutions to sell, communicate, market, and build relationships with Millennials.

Millennials and Generation Z have overtaken Baby Boomers and Generation X as the generations with the most spending power.

A new generation of consumers mandates a new approach to marketing. Ryan brings market leading insight into how Millennials and Generation Z consumer behaviors are evolving and how companies can adapt to secure the loyalty and business of the next generation.

Millennials and Generation Z have the most pent-up purchasing power of any generations. $24 trillion is the estimated wealth of Millennials by 2020 in the U.S. alone. Millennials and Generation Z won’t respond to marketing approaches of the past. Social networks, mobile technology, and the evolving landscape of digital payments have changed how the next generations wants to consume.

Ryan shares clear insights into the buying behaviors and expectations of Millennial and Generation Z consumers. This program delivers proven and actionable strategies for gaining the attention of Millennials and Generation Z and earning their long-term loyalty.

53% of Millennials would leave their current organization for a more inclusive organization and 80% of workers indicating inclusion as important when choosing an employer. Diversity and inclusion is critical to attract and retain today’s top talent.

Like-minded teams maintain; diverse teams innovate. Enhance business performance through generational diversity. Ryan shares how to be an inclusive leader and how to create an inclusive company culture across generations.

A diverse workforce (especially generationally) is better equipped to respond to today’s high-flux and disruption-prone marketplace. Leaders who create an inclusive culture for their teams see performance increased by 17%, decision-making quality boosted by 20%, and collaboration enhanced by 29%. Today’s leading organizations and forward-thinking leaders understand that diversity and inclusion is much more than a buzzword, it’s a business strategy capable of driving performance, enhancing innovation, and engaging and retaining employees.

Ryan shares how to unlock the power of cognitive diversity through a multigenerational workforce. This program provides a blueprint for how to be an inclusive leader and how to create an inclusive company culture across generations.

By 2025, 75% of the global workforce will be Millennials and Generation Z. As next-generation employees and technology usher in a new age of work, the ways of working and leading in the past become liabilities.

The new age of work requires a new age of leading and working. Future-proof your organization and leadership skills. Ryan delivers innovative insights into what’s next for work and how organizations and professionals can find sustainable success in a disruptive world.

Leaders should point their people to a better future. But identifying “better” is difficult, especially in today’s fast-evolving marketplace. Every industry and organization has shared assumptions that fuel the prevailing model of how things have always been done. Now more than ever, the prevailing model causes leaders to get complacent, industries to get stuck, and companies to go under. Leaders must find new innovative ways to lead in order to guard against disruption and thrive in the 21st-century workplace.

For organizations and leaders to succeed in the new world of work, a new approach to work and leadership is needed. An approach of listening, inclusion, agility, and coaching that can turn blind spots into opportunities.

Ryan shares how to unbound yourself from the assumptions and prevailing models that are likely holding your organization back. This program covers the emerging trends that are impacting the future of work and how leaders and organizations can adjust to capitalize on the trends.

  • FUTURE: 8 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact the Future Workforce
    COVID-19 has reoriented our relationships with work, technology, and each other. For organizations and leaders to succeed in the new world of work, a new approach to work is needed.
  • INNOVATION: 6 Essential Steps to Innovate and Create Lasting Change
    Now more than ever, a “this is always how we’ve don’t it” mindset is a slippery slope to irrelevance. Neglecting to innovate makes any organization or leader vulnerable to being displaced in today’s disruption-prone marketplace.
  • CHANGE: 5 Phases for Leading and Thriving Thru Change
    Cyclical change will forever be the narrative of the marketplace, however, the pace of change is accelerating. Therefore a new understanding of and approach to change is needed. More opportunities, stability, and creativity is available to those who learn to embrace, lead, and thrive thru change.
  • LEADERSHIP: The Complete Toolkit for Leading Remote Workers
    Ubiquitous connectivity, mobile technology, shifting generational expectations and life events like the COVID-19 pandemic have all swiftly contributed to the growing number of people working from home. Leading a remote workforce requires a different set of tools to sustain relationships and maintain productivity across a team. Learn the tactics and tools for leaders to boost engagement, create unity and extend company culture among a remote workforce.
  • COLLABORATION: How to Efficiently (and Digitally) Collaborate in Crisis
    Teaming and collaborating are mission critical for any organization. However, on remote teams and/or in times of crisis, collaboration can quickly fall apart. Leveraging the right tools and techniques can create greater cohesion among the most remote and crisis-ridden teams.


“Ryan was great to work with and presented very well at our convention. We had many folks comment on his presentation on Gen z and the strategies presented to build a more loyal team.”

— Bruster’s Ice Cream

“We contracted with Ryan to speak with all of our Executives and leaders regarding engaging the millennials in our workforce. Ryan is the consummate professional. He was prompt in his response, extremely reasonable in negotiating his fee and he did his homework in terms of learning about our organization and what message he needed to send. Ryan’s style is engaging, humorous and professional. His material is grounded in his research, which hit home for our audience. I highly recommend Ryan to speak on leadership and the generations—he was a big hit for us!”


“Ryan spoke at our Client Advisory Meeting with over 30 companies in attendance. He found a way to bring his Millennial message to each customer through a creative, interactive and factual presentation. Our client base was energized and inspired after hearing Ryan speak. We would absolutely have him back to speak with clients in the future.”


“Ryan is a captivating speaker with a comprehensive understanding of the Millenial generation and how to work effectively with them. Ryan served as a keynote speaker at our recent conference. We received numerous survey responses saying Ryan was the best part of the conference and suggesting that we bring him back next year. Ryan’s delivery style got the audience interested and involved in the presentation and made a lasting impression. Ryan offered effective strategies for cross-generational collaboration that conference attendees could put to work right away. Ryan was also a pleasure to work with before and during the conference. He was very responsive which made coordinating his conference involvement easy. Plus, he was gracious and just a whole lot of fun. I’d recommend Ryan as a keynote speaker to anyone running a conference where the attendees value effective leadership or communication.”

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