Our Top 6 Healthcare Motivational Speakers

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Healthcare is an excellent topic for any business, not only those in the healthcare industry. Without health, mental and physical, neither individuals nor companies can thrive. Taking care of health is or should be the baseline.

Here is our pick of 6 of the best healthcare motivational speakers in the world, all of whom you can book through Eagles Talent. If you are in the healthcare industry, note that our 6 best speakers will provide unique approaches and drive the results that you desire.

Whatever your sector, take a look at how they could engage your audience and deliver key messages that will transform lives.

Allison Massari

Featured on NBC, ABC, and Fox, Allison is one of our top healthcare motivational speakers. As a burn survivor, enduring despair and grueling rehabilitation after severe burns on more than half of her body, she uses her experience to change the lives of audiences around the world.

Described as life-changing, moving, and extraordinary, her message of kindness and resilience led Meetings and Conventions Magazine to call her one of the Top 10 Best Speakers for motivation and personal development. A great motivational speaker for the healthcare industry, her clients include GE Healthcare IT, Teva Pharmaceutical, Siemens Medical and many more. She connects with them with her blend of emotional intelligence and personal mastery.

She talks of the search for self-generating happiness and contrasts this with the constant presence of suffering. Her message, exploring the co-existence of pain and joy is essential. Her delivery is compelling, moving, and unique.

Get in touch with us to have her share this story of overcoming adversity with your audience and so she can empower others in their work and personal lives.

Adriane Berg

As an expert in lifelong financial security, Adriane is one of the most well-respected and well-known speakers on the subject of aging and personal finance. She is the host of IRS Tax Beat, the Emmy Award-winning TV show and wrote “How Not To Go Broke at 102: Finding Everlasting Wealth.”

She founded Generation Bold in 2001, which serves the healthcare, travel, and hospitality sectors, among others. She is industry advisor on mature travelers and her carefully-crafted, motivational presentations blend excellent story-telling skills, wit, real-life cases, and audience participation.

One of our top healthcare motivational speakers, she will talk on a variety of fascinating healthcare subjects, from CareBots and the changing face of caregiving to longevity advice and the Dignity Index. An enthusiastic speaker, she motivates audiences to change narratives, ways of thinking, and ways of living.

Kevin Hines

Who better to teach us about mental health than someone who has been to the depths of despair and come out the other side? Kevin, author of the memoir “Cracked, Not Broken,” has done just that.

He is one of only 34 people to survive a fall from the Golden Gate Bridge, renowned as a suicide hotspot. Having attempted to take his own life, he now sits on the honorary board of the BridgeRail Foundation, which is dedicated to ending Golden Gate Bridge suicides, and he spreads a motivating message of mentally healthy living.

Among other awards, The National Council of Behavioral Health awarded him with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012 for his work as a suicide prevention advocate. His toolkit for mental wellness and his shared experiences have helped people all around the world foster better mental health.

Dr. Marc Milstein

If you want to motivate an audience to action, presenting them with up-to-date research that affects daily life is a great way to do it. Enter Dr. Marc Milstein with real solutions backed by science and delivered in an engaging and easy to understand way.

Dr. Milstein combines his abilities as a scientist, researcher, and healthcare motivational speaker to reach out to audiences and empower them to use the latest findings – on subjects such as health, DNA, happiness, and productivity – to enhance their lives every day, personally and professionally.

Karyn Buxman

A happy workforce is healthier and more productive. That’s why you should book Karyn Buxman as a healthcare motivational speaker at your next event. She is co-founder of The World Laughing Tour and is working to improve global health through laughter.

Her audiences include the Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, the Million Dollar Round Table, and the Air Force, all of which she has entertained, educated, and inspired. Her work has appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire to the Journal of Psychosocial Nursing.

Fred Schafer

Dubbed the Fit Food Dude, Fred will have your audience members on the edge of their seats until it’s time for them to get moving. He is the author of “How Anyone Can Become a Lean, Fat-Incinerating Anti-Aging Wellness Machine.” His dynamic, high-energy approach delights audiences across the US.

He also has stellar credentials as a business coach and leader, advising entrepreneurs and businesses that want to maximize revenues, recruit better, and reach a more positive future. His “Fully Alive Training Systems” exemplify his income-building strategies combined with fitness therapy. He is among our best healthcare motivational speakers and can drive personal and professional results for individuals and businesses alike.

We have an extensive network of speakers, in addition to these talented healthcare motivational speakers. And we’ve been in this business long enough to know how to arrange a speaker for your event inside and out. We’re flexible and provide the personal touch, so please let us know what you need and we will handle the rest.

Posted by uberuser

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